10 Things You May Not Know About Me…

10 things you may not know about me written across an image of the sea

I was nominated by the very lovely Sam who blogs over at Mouse, Moo and Me Too to write a post on 10 things about myself. I’ve been putting this off for a few weeks because I honestly couldn’t think of what I would have to say that may be of interest… hence why Jake is usually the feature of my blogs, he is much cuter and more interesting than me! Anyway, I am taking the plunge and letting you get to know me just a little bit more… here goes:


1. Let’s kick this off with something which is a little embarrassing… I can’t say the word squirrel properly. Now to me, it sounds fine but my lovely sister has made this into a huge thing and points it out every single time that I simply cannot get it right! It’s a hard word, ok?!


2. When I was a child I wanted to save the world. I was wildlife obsessed, I wanted to ban cars and aerosols, I swore I would never drive and I wanted to protest against all things bad for the environment and be on the news chained to a tree…. I took it all quite seriously, at the tender age of 6/7!


3. My dream job was to be a vet until a careers advisor sat me down and told me I wasn’t clever enough… dreams shattered right there and then.


4. I would love to be able to act, dance and sing to star in the West End. Never mind the fact I have self-confidence issues! lol


5. I am a fussy eater and always have been. I hate ketchup, coffee, marmite, fish, sprouts, some meats and most sauces. If it’s plain I am happy.


6. Betray my trust and you will lose me as a friend. I don’t seem to have an in-between mode, it’s all or nothing with me.


7. My favourite time is when the house is still. When people are in bed, when the pets are all fed and calm and I can just enjoy some peace. My days have been non-stop since becoming a Mum and I now long for those more peaceful times.


8. The winter really gets to me. Once the end is near I start to become more irritable and down because I just crave the sun and warmth again. I really think I need to go and live in Greece.


9. I never saw myself working in a shop but when I had to after my Mum died it turned out to be one of the best jobs I had. It was sociable, fun, fast-paced and I made lots of friends. I miss the old days in Clarks.


10. I haven’t met many famous people but those that I have include the milky bar kid, Gordon Ramsay, Jon from S Club 7 and just recently at Room on the Broom, the singing dentist. 


So, that’s it from me.

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Em xx


6 thoughts on “10 Things You May Not Know About Me…

    1. Oh I have vivid memories of all of us lining up outside this tiny room and waiting to be seen for a few minutes each. Girls were walking out of there in tears! It would never be allowed now!

  1. Fussy eater?! You remember the times when you would have to finish my food for me because I was a nightmare?! but maybe because I was a fussy eater too I chose the food you liked ?

    1. hahaha you just didn’t ever eat much and I couldn’t let it go to waste! I drive people mad when I go for dinner because they have to think about what I would like.

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