10 Outdoor Activities To Do With Your Kids In The Winter

frost on grass outdoors

After the popularity of my post 10 Activities To Do With Your Kids In The Winter, I thought I would follow it up with some ideas for activities that you can still do outside during these colder months.


Hunt for the GruffaloMum and child stood next to the gruffalo

Or the Gruffalo’s child or the stick man. Have a look online for your nearest Forestry Commission site and check which ones have these trails. If you live in or near to Hampshire, Alice Holt has each of these characters to find.




Go Ape

This will also be found at a Forestry Commission site. Go Ape is a tree top adventure for adults and children. It involves zip wires, climbing, obstacles, Tarzan swings and all above the forest floor. Full training and safety harnesses are provided.



Train Watching

As you know, Jake is obsessed with trains so this is a usual activity for us to do. We are lucky(?) enough to live quite close to the train line and there is a bridge which is perfect for us to watch them go by from. If we wave hard enough we even get a toot, toot! It makes his day. Simple to do and completely free.



Nature Walk

Mum and child on a walkThere are so many forests, woodland walks, country parks and beaches around that are free to visit. To make things a little more interesting you could print off a nature walk sheet from the internet and hunt for certain items/plants/animals. The RSPB have plenty of hints and tips on their website.




Star Gazing

With it now becoming dark earlier it is the perfect time to teach your children about the solar system. Younger children are usually in bed when it is still light during the summer months and may have never seen the stars or the moon. You can use the BBC’s stargazing activity pack to help you identify the constellations, make fun rockets and learn about the solar system.



Scavenger Huntchild pointing

You could make up your own hunt or maybe get your kid’s to come up with one. To give it a festive theme and use Christmas chocolates as the prize at the end. You could also set it up so they have to collect certain items in the woods (leaves, conkers, acorns) or you could even make a role play to act out. Then head out to a woods or your back garden and have some family fun!




Will we get some? Won’t we?

It’s always something we long for over Christmas and if we are lucky enough to get a good snowfall this winter you can have plenty of fun. Making snowmen, sledging, snowball fights, Igloo making and snow angels. So much you can do with snow! Why not also try adding food colouring to water and painting pictures in the white stuff?



Make a bird feeder

Or if you aren’t into DIY you could just buy one! The winter is the time of year that birds could do with a little help with feeding. If you want to get a little crafty you could make a simple wooden ledge and string it up on a tree. If you have great carpentry skills you could have a go at a full stand. Visit the RSPB website for details on what you should be putting out for food.

You could also check out my post on making a bug house.



Splashing in muddy puddles

child splashing in muddy puddle


Take a leaf out of Peppa’s book and pop on your wellies and go looking for those amazing muddy puddles! A great time of year to go splashing mad and not care. Then return home and sit next to the fire to drink your hot chocolate. Mmmmmm.





Country Parkschild looking at dinosaur statue

Local country parks often have events on all year round and will advertise these on their websites or facebook pages. Keep an eye out for any Christmas Grottoes. Our local park is full of play areas, a farm, train, lake, slides, sandpits and dinosaur statues. They often put up their big red tent and hold events inside, Halloween is a great time to visit too. This time of year is also classed as out of season, meaning the prices are lower.




Do you have anymore to add? Let me know

Em xx


12 thoughts on “10 Outdoor Activities To Do With Your Kids In The Winter

  1. Some fun things on your list, have you tried Geocaching, equally as fun in winter as summer (although a bit colder), in fact less leaves and plant growth so sometimes easier (although more leaf litter)

  2. Where is your country park? It sounds amazing and I want to visit!
    Thank you SO much for the link to the Stargazing activity pack, I’ll be making use of that.
    Geocaching by the way is essentially treasure hunting using a GPS device (usually using an app on your phone). The best app you have to pay for (about £6 I think?) but it’s really good fun and gets the kids outdoors if they’re not feeling like it too.

    1. Hi, thanks for reading! The country park is Wellington Country Park just outside Reading. I have a Halloween post on it because we had so much fun there when they had all their events on. We are so lucky to have it just up the road and I buy a season ticket for us. Thanks for the geocaching tip, I had no idea!!

  3. I was so excited to read this post as I new it would be fabulous and inspiring! So many brilliant ideas which everyone can do! Thank you for sharing this beautiful outdoor post with us. I particularly love the idea of star gazing as it is much easier to do in these winter months! #ChasingNature

  4. Great list! Only think I wouldn’t do is star gaze – I’m actually scared of stars! Haha! Well, it’s not really the stars themselves, it’s more that I feel insignificant when I look at the stars and it makes me feel queasy. 😛

    1. Oh you made me laugh with that comment! Scared of stars hahaha. I get what you mean, you start to think about everything… my mind can’t quite comprehend it all. Thanks for reading xx

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