A Look Back Over My First Year Writing and Blogging

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Here we are, a few days away from 2017 and it has made me realise that my book has almost been out for an entire year. Looking back to this time last year I remember trying to get it completed and was tackling the layout as a novice and imagining how I would simply be able to self-publish on Amazon and sit back and enjoy the reward of the sales… oh the naivety!
I knew nothing of the publishing world or the marketing one or even the blogging one and when I read that the latter would help with the promoting of the book I thought I would ‘give it a go’. I never dreamed that by the end of the year I would have written 86 posts on my own blog, 8 guest posts for other bloggers and businesses, as well as taking part in 4 interviews and even having articles published by The Huffington Post. I have made some amazing blogger friends (virtually- but I am dying to meet them!) and have found support from so many people who have reached out to help a somewhat clueless, newbie writer just because they wanted to. Before this new venture, I was a complete technophobe and could only just about work facebook. I have learnt so much about social media, writing blogs and articles and getting myself ‘seen’ and I know there is still so much more to take in and to experience. I wonder what next year has in store?
I thought that in order to mark the end of 2016 I would take a nostalgic trip looking over my favourite and top posts from my facebook page of the year.

This was where it all started, a book idea, 6 months of writing and researching and I finally had a proof copy in my hands.

your teething baby cover

Once a few glitches had been ironed out the book went on sale on Amazon on 24th February and I ran my first competition.

lady holding book

As you know, I include the top teething companies in my book and I was over the moon when Nuby ran a competition to win my book and the products I talk about.

nuby competition

And of course there have been more competitions and some very cute babies having a little read!

baby reading teething book

Seeing parents win the book and being so thankful for all the advice makes it all so worthwhile.

baby reading teething book

Plus there have been reviews which have almost moved me tears:

a review

I have written quite a lot of blog posts this year but still none can beat the stats I have received on this heartfelt piece about my sisters battle with endometriosis. You can read the full article here.

facebook post on my endometriosis blog

My other top posts from the year are ‘Your Teething Baby’ sneak peekWhy the affect of Cancer doesn’t die with your loved oneToddler Tantrums? The Solution is Actually SimpleInspirational Stories: Week Three Jen McGrath- Pole Fitness Instructor and Our Trip to Little Street.

This was the first post I submitted to The Huffington Post and seven others have since followed.

a facebook post on huffington post blog

I  created a secret group after receiving messages from some readers when posts/blogs had struck a chord with them. It is a place where people can support one another and gain advice. If you would like to request to join you can do so here.

facebook group invite

And of course, the blog would be nothing without this cheeky little monkey!!

facebook post of child in a suitcase and laughing

toddlers and hoses post

child pushing a push chair

child hanging from an aerial hoop

messy play post

child bathing dog

see more…

mum and child cuddling

Plus all the funny and strange things he says and does.

facebook post
facebook post

facebook post

Then there are the posts you guys liked the most… a lot involved alcohol so I picked just one from the bunch!

lady going shush

chocolate coin

lady drinking beer

big giveaway

see more…

train cake

lady shaving leg

see more…

family building marble run

funny post on cooking dinner

So there it is, a quick round up of a year where a stay at home Mum became an author, started blogging, tried to make people laugh and brought inspirational stories from others which needed to be told. A year of new friends, a new support group and plenty of teething advice provided for parents in need. It has been a whirlwind and there have been many a speed bump along the way but here’s to the future and (fingers crossed) to so much more.

If you like the look of all these posts why not pop onto facebook and follow me there? You can also join in the fun on Instagram and twitter.

I look forward to seeing you there!

Em xx


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  1. Wow what an amazing year. I would love to write a book! I applaud your courage in going out there and doing it! Now as a fellow endometriosis sufferer I’m off to read your sister’s story. Thank you for linking up to #ablogginggoodtime 🎉

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