4 Things to Consider When Moving House with Children

moving house with children
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There is a lot of excitement that comes with the idea of moving to a new home. However, the entire process of moving from your old home to a new house is overwhelming and can even be worse if you have children. Moving houses with children is hectic therefore the need to seek reputable man and van services, such as Shift, can do the strenuous packing and unpacking job as you deal with the kids.

Once in a while, people are forced to relocate. If you have children, it is necessary to develop strategies to ease the moving process from preparation, to moving and settling, much more manageable and even more fun and memorable for you all.

This article discusses essential tips to make your move easier while with children.

1. Have a Conversation About the Move

Having a moving conversation with your kids is not an easy task. Parents are often anxious about their children’s reaction and how they will behave after the news. Different children have different personalities; therefore, the responses are unique in each. Most parents think informing the kids about the move as it nears is better, but child specialists disagree. Having this discussion in advance gives the child more time to accept the move and helps you have more time to discuss how you can make a move even better.

While you are having the conversation, let them gradually understand the need to move houses, how the move will be like, where you will be moving to, and that it will eventually be for the better. Let them ask as many questions, and on your side, it is also essential to be open when answering the questions. You can also talk about all the fun things they can do when you move to the new place. By communicating on time, you give them enough time to get used to the idea of moving houses and this way; it will be less stressful.

2. Get Them Involved in the Move

The transitioning process will even be more straightforward if you involve the children in the move. There is a lot to do and a lot of things to consider when moving houses. Letting your children be involved in all the activities will not only leave you content, but they will also have a chance to pick out what they would love from the presented options. If you have not yet settled on a house and school, you can take them with you and get their opinion. Let them choose their rooms too. You can also drive around, showing them the social amenities in the area and the neighbourhood’s general look. They can also surf through the internet to check their new locality if it is quite far.

Additionally, allow them to help pack their stuff while decluttering what they no longer need. They can also be involved in organising their rooms.

3. Maintain the Routine

It is vital to keep up with the routines that you had established in the previous house with a whole new environment. Maintaining the consistency of practices is a great way to settle in quickly and adequately adjust to the new place. If you did not have any routine, you could create one, since it is easy to handle the younger children if they are following a habit, especially on feeding, bathing and sleeping time. You can make them feel more used to the house by decorating the living, dining and bedrooms with familiar décor items. They can keep the same bedding and decorate their rooms as they previously were. Remember to also do new fun activities and others as you did, such as family day outings, game nights, and family cookout and dinner dates. You can also invite family and friends over and have fun in the new home.

4. Choose an Appropriate Time

It is critical to move at a time when the children will be away from school. This way, you will avoid the disruptions of getting them to a new school mid the term. Moving houses when school is still ongoing can also be challenging on your side since you have to take time and plan a schedule that accommodates you and the children too. Moving during the holidays enables the children to make friendships with other kids they might even share schools with, and settle nicely into the new school.


The comfort of children at home matters a lot, and it dictates how well they interact with the rest and even perform at school. Therefore, it is very critical to follow the information provided above to ensure that kids agree with the idea of moving houses and that they settle in nicely. As a parent, maintain a positive attitude about the move, dwell on its advantages, and keep the energy even when the process gets overwhelming. It will enable the children to handle the transition with ease.

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