Bringing Sunshine Into A Cool Space

window with light pouring in and a plant pot on the sill

Colder weather is drawing in and as with the wardrobe, it’s the time of year to change things around at home. Is there anything better than laying in the rays of the sun and feeling the warmth? Most would agree not. So, when it comes to changing things around at home, why not focus on bringing some of that sunshine and warmth indoors?

The winds may be high and the frost may be settling, but that doesn’t mean your home needs to be cold and windy, too. There is still one positive as winter arrives: the sunshine. Sure, it may be freezing outside the four walls of the home, the rain may be lashing down and making everything just a little grey but there are still days that the sun shines – no matter how weakly – and it’s this that we want to help you harness!


Usually, in the winter, you hang heavy curtains to keep the cold out and the heat inside. This can still happen! Maximising how much sunshine you have streaming through the glass doesn’t mean you cannot dress your windows properly in preparation for those cold nights. You could go the whole hog and hire in to install new windows and tempt more light by ensuring they stretch further up the walls. Centre the furniture so that your new windows shine down on the whole room and make the space open up to nature a little.





When you are dealing with cold temperatures and snowy conditions, it makes sense to create an illusion of bright warmth. Boost the bright tones in the home and hang floor to ceiling curtains in yellows, oranges and reds. Add cushions and rugs to accent this and you can create a fiery and yet cosy atmosphere in the home. The warmer the colours, the warmer you feel.

chairs and window




The way you position your furniture is important if you hope to catch a little warmth. Place the sinks in the kitchens and bathrooms under windows so those rays wash over you. Have your sofa and bed close to windows and any plant life inside your home should also be close enough to catch the sunshine.




Light Tubes

Smaller rooms, such as bathrooms or closet toilets in the home are often without windows. Installing light tubes like this can help natural light stream through, and makes for a fantastic way to relight a gloomy space.





If you are short on space but still want to add in fantastic amounts of light, consider where you position your mirrors. Mirrors bounce lights around the room and can make this space feel open and light. Every room should have at least one mirror opposite a window so that you can maximise the natural light flowing through the area.

mirror in hallway



Making a dark space bright is the best way you can draw in warmth. You may not be able to control the climate outdoors, but you can certainly get yourself cosy, no matter what!


*This is a collaborative post. For further information please refer to my disclosure page.


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