DIY Creativity Bonanza: Plastic Spoons And More!

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Remember when everyone used to be involved in DIY projects in school? Maybe it was making a chocolate mould, or maybe a basic electrical circuit with a motor and a light. Whatever it was, unless it was a group project, you probably remember it rather fondly. After all, that sense of creating something and knowing that it belonged to you first and foremost is not a feeling which can be recreated easily. However, back then, even if the projects were somewhat basic, they were also usually held back by the cheap or half-broken equipment that your parents or the school provided you with. Well, if you’re a bit older now, maybe you can go ahead and get involved in some arts and crafts, with some fancy DIY projects but a with some better equipment. No more drying out glue sticks, get some proper spray tec glue guns, and definitely no more blunt scissors. Some mid-range scissors for just over a tenner will probably last you more than you can imagine. Now that that’s out of the way, let’s see what projects you could actually do in your spare time.



Spoon lamp

Want to get involved in an award-winning project which only requires plastic spoons, bottles, glue, a knife, some pliers, and a cable on a lamp? It might sound somewhat bland but in fact, it could not be further from that. Yaroslav Olenev made a beautiful lamp made out of a bottle and spoons, which most definitely looks not only impressive but calming and ambient all the same. A perfect addition for anyone seeking a bit of originality to add to their workspace or maybe living room. Effective, simple, and satisfying to make.


Spoon rose

Sticking with the spoon theme, with the help of some cut up plastic spoons and a candle, you could make some rather fancy roses. Whether you want to make it into a piece of jewellery or just leave it lying about as some decor around the room, it will definitely scratch that creative itch.



Tiny lightbulb vase

The thing about lightbulbs is that when they have burnt out, they have basically zero use. Unsurprisingly, because the only thing they are designed to do is essentially glow, but that should not stop you from trying to make something of them. If you have some old light bulbs lying around, needle nose pliers, a hammer and a bit of spare time, then this might be for you. A light bulb is easy enough to work with due to its rather fragile nature and modifying it in any way (making a hole through the screw) shouldn’t really be a problem so don’t be put off if this seems a bit complicated.



Easy sakura

Sakura, also known as cherry blossoms, are insanely popular in the far east lands of Japan. The sakura trees there are basically national treasures, and the amount of art that they have been included in definitely shows that. Want to make a little sakura oriented piece of art yourself? If you dip the end of a bottle in some pink paint and dab it on some paper, the results can be surprisingly impressive.



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