Dress For Your Shape, Not Your Age This Winter

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Winter is finally upon us and with Christmas lurking around the corner, now is the perfect time to grab yourself a new wardrobe so that you can rock into the new year looking as glamorous as ever. It’s at this time of year that people are beginning to think about creating a new version of themselves in the New Year. Many women find it a depressing time because they are yet another year older and feel like they should be covering up more than normal. While this is a totally normal thing to feel, it’s certainly not something that you should be adhering to! In this article is going to be some ideas on how you can dress for your shape rather than your age this winter and feel like a completely new person by the end of it.



Get the right fitting underwear

One major mistake that many women make is wearing the wrong sized underwear because they are too nervous to go and have their bra fitted professionally. Did you know that you’re supposed to get your breast size measured a couple of times a year at least? Our bodies change shape all of the time, especially due to hormones so it’s not surprising that our breasts change size from time to time. Getting the right fitting underwear will not only feel a thousand times nicer to wear, but it will accentuate your shape much more nicely than underwear that’s too tight or too big.

If you’re particularly self conscious, why not consider going for some underwear that can help tone your tummy and other problem areas? Whichever underwear you decide to go for, make sure that it’s the right size and you will feel so much better immediately.



Go for a more flattering cut

The misconception of having to dress older as the years go on is clouded by the thought of a middle aged woman in a mini skirt and crop top. While this isn’t necessarily what we’d pick for you to wear, going for a more flattering cut rather than heading straight for the joggers would do you a much larger favour. A fantastic line to go for is Ruby Rd as they do some excellent cuts on their clothing at extremely reasonable prices. There is a Ruby Rd silhouette for everyone so why not have a look and see how much more confident you feel in their clothing? Plus, they are super stylish too!



Choose the right height heels

Heels are a fantastic addition to many outfits, but if you’re not wearing the right heels for your shape then you’re going to be uncomfortable and look a little out of place. For example, if you’re top heavy, then wearing super thin stilettos wouldn’t look quite right as it would look like you’re about to topple over. Why not discover the right type of heel for your body shape so that you can be sure that you’re looking as stylish and sophisticated as normal.

winter heels

Pair some super cute things with your outfits

The magical thing about accessories is that they can be matched with a plethora of outfits as long as you have a few matching colours or themes within the accessories. Why not head out and get yourself a huge batch of accessories that are neutral so that you can jazz up every outfit you’ve got this winter?

Hats, scarves and gloves are really on trend at the moment and thankfully so too thanks to the colder weather. Why not get a matching set to rock about in this winter?


Why not consider a new haircut?

Finally, if you’re getting yourself a new wardrobe it’s likely that you will be trying out a few new styles too, so why stop with just your clothes? Head to your salon and let your hairdresser inspire you with ideas on how you could have your hair.

Alternatively, why not choose your favourite celebrity and take a picture of their hair from all sides and bag yourself a super stylish haircut for the new year and the new you?


Dressing for your age is overrated. Instead, dress for your shape and you will feel like a completely new woman inside and out! Remember, you’re only as sexy as you feel so make sure that the clothing you’re choosing is something you’re going to be comfortable wearing!


*This is a collaborative post. For further information please refer to my disclosure page.

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