Encouraging Better Toddler Eating with Clever Grip Cutlery

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As you will know from some of my Facebook posts, dinner time can be a real struggle in our household. Breakfast can go down a treat and can even last all morning, lunch is usually a healthy selection of finger foods which includes meat, cheese, fruit and so on but dinner time? That is a whole other ball game! Hot meals are not Jake’s favourite and trying new foods is a battle I have started to despise at 5pm. I’m not sure why this has occured but he has always been a very choky child and has always had issues with different textures so I think it has become a natural progression over the last couple of years.

I have probably tried every tactic in the book but at the end of the day this daily ordeal begins to grate on you and to be honest it can become boring and exhausting for both parties. There was a point where we were getting somewhere and a few foods suddenly became his new favourites but almost as soon as we became comfortable with the fact he may be moving on he would turn around and refuse to eat them in another month.

Becoming pregnant gave me the inspiration to look into new foods and try him on new textures. I thought it was the best time to tackle the issues because soon I would have 2 boys to look after and I certainly didn’t need 2 fussy eaters. Unfortunately, I didn’t bank on the sickness taking hold quite so badly this time and after only a few weeks my good intentions had all but gone out the window as I struggled to even turn the oven on in the evenings! After months of ignoring the problems I have again turned my mind and have chatted with Jake over his eating and we both made a plan to get him to try new things now that he is older. 

It has got to be a slow process because there is no way you can change somebody’s mind in just a few days and he has also got to be willing in the process as I don’t need to add any other food adversions into the mix. Yet, so far I can happily say that things have been going really well.

Jake has never even opted to try ham but one day I gave him a ham and cheese sandwich and he has decided he loves it! Now he will happily eat ham on its own. We went to a 5th birthday party and the other children were eating cucumbers and peppers which again he would never have picked up before but because he was watching the others he joined in and since then I have been able to give these items with meals. We have also overcome some of the issues with vegetables and carrots are making an appearance most nights on his plate… ok, so they may get dipped in ketchup but he is saying he likes them and wants them and that is a huge step in the right direction for me.

One of the ways we have been tackling his eating habits is by making him feel more grown up which for Jake is a big compliment. So, when Baby & More asked us to review the Clever Grip Toddler Cutlery it could’t have come at a better time.

toddler cutlery

The cutlery is designed to encourage easy holding for any toddler and will teach them to use their utensils correctly during meal times. Jake loves anything new and as soon as I showed him that it taught him how to be a bigger boy by placing his fingers in the right places he was over the moon.

The cutlery also acted as a bit of a distraction from the actual food because he was concentrating on how to hold each item which sped up the usually long, drawn-out meal time and it also meant we could chat whilst eating instead of getting niggly with one another.


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The spoon also has another feature– a bowl rest– which prevents it from falling off the side of the bowl into the food during any breaks in eating. 

For an award-winning product this fantastic set is incredibly priced at just £7.00 and comes in 2 colour options. I would highly recommend it if you have trouble with your toddler and their eating habits. Here’s to more positive evening meals and a healthier attitude towards food.


Em xx

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