Families Save Money On Essential Items With These Suggestions

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When you have a young family, it can seem like there is never enough money to go around. Not only are you dealing with a reduction in wages, at least through the maternity pay period, but you have another person to provide for. Combine that with the fact that baby item like buggies and cots don’t come cheap and you can really start to struggle financially. Happily, there are some ways that you can save on the essential items you need for family life. Something that can help you keep some money in reserve for all those other expenses. Read on to find out how.



Most families can’t survive without their car, and that makes it one of the most essential big ticket items you can purchase. Unfortunately, cars are not cheap, and even a second-hand old banger will set you back from £500-£1000. An amount that can be pretty tough to just magic up out of nowhere.

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Could your family survive without your car?



Although, you can pay less than you need to and get a good deal here if you are seriously clever about it. The first way is to play the system cleverly and sell your old car for cash instead of using it as a trade-in. The reasons that this work is because, if you go to a garage with a cash offer they are often more likely to give you a better deal. After all, they don’t have to check and service the car and then sell it on to someone else before they can bank the profit. To sell your car, you can use sites that buy vehicles, or you can put an advert in the automotive press online and conduct a private sale.


Another way to save some serious money buying a car is to buy new, but wait until the brand you are looking for is running an offer. Many folks are put off buying new cars because of the cost. However, as the info at moneysavingexpert.com suggestions, if you get a decent discount offer, and a good monthly payment scheme you can get a brand new car for a lower payment than you pay out on a mediocre loan for a second-hand model. It’s all about doing the sums first to check that you are getting the best deal.

Of course, when you buy a car brand new you will have to wait for it to be assembled and imported into the country. This can take one time too, especially if you are after a model with additional extra as they have to be built specially.

This can be problematic because you may have sold your old car, or it could be broken down and unusable. Happily, though there is a way around this and it’s by contacting a company like intelligentcarleasing.com to hire a car for the interim period. Something that offers you the flexibility of choosing the car you want, for how long you want. All while still being able to take advantage of the offers that the dealership that you are buying from has available.


Baby Items

Another essential item when you first have a family is to get all the things that baby needs. This can include a buggy, cot, nursery furniture, clothes and toys, In fact, the list goes on and on and it can really add up!

However, there are some ways that you can save money on items such as these. One way is to make use of any gifts that people give. In fact, you may find that those that have had a baby before are only too happy to bequeath you items that have had little use. Perhaps it is partly because they don’t want to see something they have paid out for go to waste, or maybe it’s because they realise ho financially draining having a baby can be? Although, whatever the reason it can really help you out.


Of course, if you haven’t been gifted the items that you need you still don’t have to go and buy them brand new. Instead, you can look on preloved websites for all sort of equipment and clothes that will be much cheaper than buying them brand new.  



Don’t forget either that it’s worth comparing the prices of essentials that you buy for Baby regularly such as nappies, wipes, and food in different supermarkets as the mums have done at netmums.com. This is because shops often have special offers running where you can buy in bulk and save loads. Some stores are even committed to pricing these items low on a regular basis, something that means even if you go there just for your baby supplies, it’s worth it for the large amount you can save every month.

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