Has Yours Reached “Toddlerdom” Yet?!

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Toddlerdom- The term used to describe the final transition from cute baby to full-blown crazy toddler.

Not quite yet in the Oxford English Dictionary but I am pretty sure the term will catch on!

Do you remember when your little bundle of joy was just that? A teeny bundle plus a joy! If that seems a distant memory you may well be entering Toddlerdom. Up until last week, I wasn’t fully there, but after a disastrous trip to Sainsbury’s, he managed to strop his way straight into this new chapter of his life. Yep, I reached the dizzy heights of being the parent with the child who was laying on the floor, crying and screaming because I would not buy the overpriced Bob the Builder toy. Toddlerdom right there.

Here are the six signs you need to look out for:

1. Food has become a big no, no. I don’t mean snacks, of course, chocolate should be every meal of the day in the eyes of my child. I mean the evening meal where every food they have ever loved in the past is now ‘YUCK!’ Last year he would eat all sorts of things, this year he has practically lived off chicken nuggets. I’ve learnt to let him.


2. Independence has hit and they think they can do everything themselves. When you try to intervene they strop, when you try to help they strop and when they realise they can’t do it by themselves, yes you’ve got it, they strop!


3. Asking for something suddenly ends with the word ‘now’ instead of ‘please’. Your hard work is slowly going out the window.


4. Meltdowns are now coming in thick and fast and can range from issues (I use that word lightly) such as you touched them, to you didn’t give them the right yoghurt or you asked them to brush their teeth. Be careful what you say or do!


5. These meltdowns are also no longer just saved for inside the home. They do not care who can see or hear them or the fact that their wailing just seems to echo through a supermarket. Full blown tantrums have arrived!


6. The sleep routine seems to have reverted back to the newborn stage. You spend most of the night walking the landing putting them back into bed. Some nights you just give in and let them sleep in your bed whilst promising yourself that you will research Super Nanny’s methods again in the morning! (Never happens!)


If you are nodding along welcome my friends come and join me in this new stage of parenting… oh and pass the Gin will you?!


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