My Maternity Wear Wishlist

my maternity wear wishlist

Now that everybody is in the know about my pregnancy it means that I can begin to get excited about getting bigger and finding some gorgeous new maternity clothes for the upcoming months. I hardly showed with Jake and didn’t get that amazing round bump until I was roughly 8 months. This time around I have taken shape quite quickly and I’m already struggling with certain jeans and tops. 

As we need to watch the pennies now baby number 2 is on his/her way I am trying to find some lovely clothes at a good price but at the same time, ones that won’t be ruined in the first wash- Ebay is a no go zone after the first time around, it’s not a bargain if you don’t get good wear out of the item! I’ve already been into town twice and have been left pretty underwhelmed by the high street stores offering maternity wear… or the lack of. Love the Sales is the perfect solution because they stock high-quality items from a variety of stores but at discounted prices and it is all online so no more traipsing the high street for the perfect item. Here’s what I’ve spotted over on their site and what is going on my wishlist.


Mamalicious Navy heart T-shirt

20% off was £16.99 now £13.59

navy heart t-shirt


When you are pregnant you want comfort but not to feel frumpy. This looks like a great option for running about in the day with Jake but is funky with the heart designs and will give as my bump grows.



Mint & Berry Mom Floral Cocktail Dress

20% off now £39.99 was £49.99

floral cocktail dress

I’m not normally much of dress person unless I go abroad because I always feel like it’s a great time to get all fancy and dressed up for the evening meal. I also don’t usually find dresses very practical during the day when running about after a three-year-old, but when I was pregnant with Jake I loved wearing them. I think having a new shape helped me to fill out a dress in a way I had always wanted to… yes, that’s right I get boobs when I am expecting! I also find them very comfortable especially in the warmer months. I love this dress because it could easily go from day into night without needing to get changed.



Mamalicious Maxi Dress

20% off now £26.39 was £32.99

mamalicious maxi dress


This is a perfect choice for the summer. As I am already showing I think this would do quite easily for August and September. The colour is brighter than I would normally opt for but when you have a big bump you may as well go all out.



Madderson Serena Maxi Dress

35% off now £90.99 was £139.99

serena maxi dress

Ok, I know this is pricey but I am in love with it! Just look at that stunning design and shape around the chest. I will have to keep this one a secret from hubby!



Mamalicious Bootcut Jeans

20% off now £36.79 was £45.99

maternity jeans

I live in jeans and you cannot go wrong with a classic pair of bootcuts. These will see me through until the end of the pregnancy and will go with most of the maternity wear I already have. You can’t beat a good, well-made pair of jeans.



Noppies Leo Summer Dress

60% off now £34.00 was £84.99

summer dress

This dress will be ideal if I have a wedding or special event to go to… or perhaps if hubby wants to take me out on a nice date night before the new baby arrives! It is such a classic design but the lace gives it that fancy feel. I also love the fact that it has 60% off, what an amazing saving. 


There are so many more pages to browse as well as the accessories, this could become quite a large order!


Em xx



*This is a collaborative post. For more information please refer to my disclosure page.

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