Old-fashioned Saving Tips That Are Still Good Today

haggling and saving money- piles of coins

Ah, the good old days. Well, not everything about them was good, but there are always things we can learn from the past. There might not have been a golden age that we can go back too, but we should see what skills and values might have been lost that we can get back. Some of the ways people used to save money can be excellent to use today, even if you’re not sure whether you can still use them.


Making Your Own Things

Making your own stuff has come back in a big way. People are getting into everything from sewing and baking or making furniture to more modern things like building computers. You can save money by taking the DIY approach, but usually only in comparison to quality products.


Fixing Stuff

In the past, everyone used to mend things to keep them going for longer. Now things are so cheap that we just throw them away. But learning how to patch up a shirt or repair a gadget could save you a lot of money, and it’s better for the environment too.



What about trading things? You probably did it as a kid with your lunch or your toys, but we tend to do it less as adults. If you’ve got something someone else wants and they have something you need, why not come to an agreement and swap?



Haggling is a great tool to use too, but it’s a skill that can take some honing. You need to take a confident approach and know your consumer rights.



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