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Planning your perfect home is hard, there will just be so much you’d like to do to it. It’s also a pretty costly process. Whether you’re doing this by renovating your own, moving house, or even building your own home, the process will be a mixture of emotions, but the design and planning process will be fun. If you’ve got an image in your head of what you want, then great! If not, but you just know you want something different, there’s plenty of place to take inspiration from such as Pinterest. This post is going to go through the three different options of planning the perfect home, renovate, build, or move.


Renovating is the easiest one to do, and involves the least steps. The first thing you’ll need to do is decide on what room you need doing the most. It’s usually the kitchen or the bathroom. Then you’ll need to plan your budget. If you’re going for a total renovation, you’ll need a fair amount for the different parts you’ll buy. You can usually buy kitchens and bathrooms as a set, and just choose colours etc. But you’ll then have to pay for the fitting and labouring time. Next, you need to go and choose a design. If you’re choosing with a partner, there will no doubt be disagreements. But if it’s with the bathroom, for example, there are some really stunning designs that can meet everyone’s needs. Then you can start to think of the smaller, easier tasks such as painting the different rooms.



This is the most expensive option, but it’s definitely the most fun. Custom designing your own home is the best way of making it you perfect home. It’s an option only a few people will have the luxury of doing, but if you fall under this category, here are the steps. You’ll first need to get planning permission. This can sometimes be the longest part of the process. But you may have to pay something called a compulsory purchase compensation, as well as fees to obtain the piece of land etc. Whilst all of this is being sorted, you’ll be able to think of the size, number of rooms and bathrooms etc. To begin with, there will be no point picking out materials, as the actual build of the house will take a while. But the beauty of it will be, it’ll be your perfect home in every way.



Moving can be rather stressful, but it’s always the way of gaining your perfect home. Surely everyone can agree that even though you’ve got your own home, you can’t resist looking through the housing market to see what is out there that’s better. Well, go and get it! Get the ball rolling by finding your dream home, and compare the expenses of the move compared to say a renovation. It might work out cheaper and better for you in the long run. Moving is only really worth it if it is truly the home of your dreams as moving isn’t the easiest or nicest of processes, especially if you have a family.


*This is a collaborative post. For further information please refer to my disclosure page.

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