Planning Finances for Travel in the UK: Budgeting and Saving Strategies

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Budget is a primary task you need to consider when planning a trip. According to the statistics, based on the spending from visitors, one day of vacation in the United Kingdom will cost you around £153-£193. This price will of course vary depending on necessary costs, including accommodation and food and attending attractions and entertainment are other areas you’ll want to factor into your budget but this ballpark figure is a good place to start. So the main question now is how to get everything from your vacation whilst not breaking the bank? Let’s look at som of the methods you could use to cut prices, where it is necessary to save, and planning your finances for travel.

Research to count

Travel budgeting starts with looking carefully at your current savings and income. Knowing what to expect and then structuring spending correctly. First, do your research on your chosen destination and estimate costs such as accommodation, transportation, food, and entertainment. Taking this time to budget will give you a clear idea of how much to save and to also plan for any possible unforeseen costs. Making notes and popping activity/destination ideas down will help you to make a decision on your travel plans and whether you can afford this now or further down the line. Some factors to consider would be:

  • airfare prices
  • gas cost, if you don’t go by public transportation
  • parking expenses
  • hidden charges in AirBNBs and hotels
  • daily expenditure for Starbucks, souvenirs, or eateries

To further help your travel budget you could consider renting out your home whilst you are away.

Keep your money in order

Finance planning implies creating a new fund for a certain budget, related to a new goal. In this case, we have two stages: cash hoarding and outlays directly in the journey. To kill two birds with one stone, create a separate bank account. Since the agreed amount is transferred from your paycheck to the other account as soon as you are paid, the benefit of automated deposits eliminates any problem. It’s so easy to monitor or change the amount of money if necessary. When that stage passes, the next is just in front of your eyes – every transaction is recorded, even the smallest purchase. You always know how much is left, which gives flexibility in budget changes.

Use a budget planner

Online planners make calculations more realistic so you can determine the most accurate amount of money for your trip. For example, the Mint financial planner breaks the budget into three sections: total available for vacation, expected expenses, and under/overpayments. All of which will depend on the number of people and way of travelling.

Let’s see how it works in a bit of detail. This site provides four positions for counting: flying, driving, cruise or other. No matter what type of trip you choose, enter the gained savings to see if it’s enough after all calculations. For road trips, this program includes a tabulation of fuel and miles. After that, the system of unwrapped expenses related to food, lodging and medication formulates the rest of the general sum and generates the result.

Practice off-peak travel

In simple terms, off-peak travelling is a journey during less busy tourist times. The demand for attractions and other delights is reduced because the country meets a smaller number of visitors. The main advantages are not only lower prices and a quieter atmosphere but also reduced crowds, which is especially good for trips with infants.

Moreover, schedules can be more flexible so you may not need to book in advance for something like an activity or accommodation. Although, some exclusions may still be there. Due to higher availability, you are welcome to interact with locals more and explore popular spots. The same applies to tickets for public transportation.

Download special apps

Travel apps help to find affordable options for everything, which is important for a nice travel experience. This list contains specific and general resources:

  • Wi-Fi Map for free networks
  • GassBuddy for cheaper gas station
  • Maps-me for offline navigating
  • Trainline for valuable tickets
  • JustPark for parking spaces in any location
  • VisitBritain Shop for popular tours and spots
  • XE Currency for abroad travellers
  • NUS Extra for students

Public transportation vs. Vehicle Hire

The UK public transportation consists of a variety of public transportation from trams and buses to taxis, ride-sharing, ferries, and cycling. The underground is available in London, Glasgow, and Newcastle upon Tune. Liverpool’s downtown metro route is connected to the Regional Mersali Network. Of course, this is all very efficient, all you will need to do is check timetables, frequency of transport and how they accept payments. In rural areas, transportation is often more limited and infrequent and older infrastructure might entail accessibility challenges. If that seems too difficult for you, consider UK car hire.

Forget about any of these difficulties and be in control of time and directions with minivan hire. Apart from adjustable seats in three rows and a trunk in the back, a roomy car is equipped well with special features. There are bigger and smaller models for different purposes, SUVs in particular. It’s a cost-efficient option among other small group vehicles, so travelling together is supposed to share the bill, and costs become lower. All visitors can rent a 7 seater car UK from at least ten suppliers, presented on the aggregator site or from the local agencies. Trust proven organisations, and before you hire a 7-seater vehicle, pay attention to reviews and check ways in which you can get a budget bargain.

How to rent an auto profitably

  • Search for discount coupons on,, etc.
  • Avoid extras like GPS and toll passes. That’s a financial trap: a company charges users for the exploitation of these useless instruments. Your phone has the same function. Tolls should be paid in person on several routes in the UK only.
  • Additional fees: late return, return to the other location, cleaning or one-way rentals. Be strongly attentive.
  • Extended hires could be cheaper after negotiations with the agency.
  • Don’t overpay for not knowing the policy and fill up the tank before taking the car back. The lessor establishes cosmic fuel prices sometimes.

We hope the article was helpful and now travel money management is clearer.

*This is a collaborative post. For further information please refer to my disclosure page.

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