Spring Cleaning

spring cleaning

Ahhhh yes we are into March so that sunlight begins to pour in through the windows and lights up every speck of dust on every item you own! So starts the annual ‘spring clean’. It does feel great clearing out, tidying up and organising doesn’t it?!

My top tips for easy cleaning:

  1. Glass cleaner will bring your taps up in a fab shine, no smears at all!
  2. Dettol can be used anywhere and, as it doesn’t smell, it is nice to use as well as safe for all your little ones – pets ‘n all.
  3. It may not be environmentally friendly but kitchen roll is one of the items I get through quite a lot of. Simple to wipe any surface clean and then you can throw it away without spreading dust, dirt, germs or fluff around.
  4. Cillit bang is not as good as the advert makes out. Viakal has worked wonders on my sink.
  5. Got an eager toddler? Mine loves to help with the dusting!
  6. Baby wipes will clean almost anything! They even remove makeup that has been drawn onto the walls.
  7. Buy an extendable feather duster for those hard to reach places- no need for chairs or steps.
  8. Good old fashioned tricks work a treat like using newspaper to clean your mirrors for a streak-free finish.
  9. Use an old toothbrush to clean in any small areas – great on grout, round plug holes or tiny areas in a shower.
  10. Invest in a handheld steam cleaner
  11. Don’t bother with air fresheners. The sprays can often leave you with a funny taste in your mouth, the plugins I do not trust and Febreze does not seem to eliminate odours in my house. Instead, buy the liquid ones with the fragrant sticks. Not only do they work they are also decorative.
  12. My best buy of this year is my cordless Dyson. Great suction, lightweight, easy to use, becomes a smaller handheld vacuum and I just whizz around the house now. Just don’t forget to charge it!!
  13. Clean the shower whilst you are in it.
  14. Wipe the bathroom around whilst your child is in the bath.


However, when it comes to the clear out don’t throw everything out. Decide when you last used something and whether or not it may be handy in the future – some people can be too ruthless and then you find yourself needing it in a few months time! Furniture items are expensive, so look at what you have and see if you can cleverly up-cycle it. By simply sanding wood and using a paint such as the Annie Sloan range, you can turn 90’s pine (once very fashionable and we all have it don’t we!) into a more up to date shabby chic look. Buying new fabric is cheaper than buying new cushions/sofas/chairs etc. If you have a little time you may find a fun new hobby and make unique pieces for your home. Below is one chair found at the tip and re-upholstered for a fab new addition to one of my rooms. One person’s rubbish is another person’s treasure!


Em xx


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