baby asleep for bath book and bed campaign

Bath, book and bed?

Supernanny, Jo Frost is launching a new campaign to help the nation get their sleep with her bath, book and bed campaign. This means starting with the kiddie winkles getting their well-needed sleep which will, in turn, lead to adults being able to get to bed at a decent hour. We all know that most parents have sleepless nights and most of us (me definitely!) are not getting as much shut-eye as we need. Continue reading “Bath, book and bed?”

a dummy

Time to Ditch the Dummy?

When it comes to the dummy, or the ‘nun nun’ as it’s known in our house, it can be a love-hate relationship. Before I had my son I hated dummies – the look of them in a mouth, a child struggling to speak with one in, the teeth issues associated with one and the annoying reliance some children develop… but then I had a baby who would scream at every nappy change, who struggled to settle and refused to sleep unless Continue reading “Time to Ditch the Dummy?”