The realisation that our language is pretty damn stupid!

first words- our language

The moment we all long for, your child saying their first word. We all focus on this and most people report it being Dadda or Mumma but in reality, they are making sounds for so long before it becomes quite easy to say they are already talking. I am pretty sure that Jake’s first word was ‘hiya’!

As they hit 2 their vocabulary begins to increase and you find how they can easily copy some words you say… not entirely sure how swear words seem to be the easiest!! (I’m sure they secretly know which ones the bad words are!)

So as you are happily teaching your little one new words and how to put a sentence together correctly you may begin to notice how damn stupid the English language actually is!

On a walk with the dog one day Jake began pointing at a tree and touched the trunk and said ‘this?’ (meaning what is this?) So I replied with ‘it’s bark’. He looked at me confused and said ‘dog?’ I was like ‘haha, no hunny…’ but stopped and realised how daft it must sound to him. I had told him that a dog barks and was now telling him a tree had bark. As I began to explain I think I just confused him further – how DO you explain the fact we have one word for more than one thing?! Don’t even get me started on the word garage… where the car lives, where the car goes to get fixed and where the car can also go to get petrol, he actually looked at me like I was pulling his leg! It turns out we do it quite a lot in our language and as an adult, I wasn’t even consciously aware of it on a daily basis.

As he has learnt more and more words I have had to talk about the difference between nails, sea and see, to buy and say bye. I expect there are many more to come.

Then we move on to the meanings of some of our sayings such as the fact a fly is called a fly yet we can fly in an aeroplane, running a bath and not actually running, saying someone is being mean but as parents, we quite often say the phrase ‘I mean it!’ I told him the other day I was going to grab my cardigan and he started looking out of the window for a type of car! Then I began trying to explain the days of the week and when I said Sunday he said ‘where?’ Pointed up and said ‘there Mumma, there’s the sun’. The innocence just melts my heart.

The one I have to correct him the most on is saying mores instead of more. Yet he is kinda right there because whenever there is more than one of something we do tend to add an ‘s’ on the end don’t we?!

I am sure I will have more explaining to do as his knowledge of words increases, I am just thankful that this is our 1st language because I don’t think I would have done very well at school studying English as an additional one.

Oh, one issue which is our fault is that our cat is called Kit- Kat and yesterday I offered him a Kit-Kat to eat… oops!!!

Em xx



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