Tips for Travelling with Kids

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You’re probably thinking ‘why on earth would I want to travel with the kids?!’ Although it sounds like a task riddled in stress and frequent nagging, from both sides, it’s actually important to include your children in your travels plans, and it doesn’t have to be as stressful as it sounds.

One of the greatest gifts you could ever give your children is the gift of travel. Whether you’re taking a road-trip just outside the city or flying half-way across the world the experience enriches them in ways that we may not realise. Not only does it expand their mind to different ways of living but it helps them to grow into refined, worldly-wise individuals who are open-minded, more accepting of people’s differences and knowledgeable of the world at large. So, the goal is to get your kids out of their comfort zone and get them exploring, learning and appreciating what’s out there and to accomplish this they may need to be considered for the next family vacation!

We’ve left no stone unturned in this ultimate guide to travelling with your kids– from planning to packing, we are confident that with our list of must-haves it will indeed be a fun trip for the WHOLE family!


Choose a Place that is Exciting for Everyone

There are some places that are just not kid friendly. Think of places that are stormed with honeymooners– they are going to give you the side eye if you show up with your loud, mischievous kids and, let’s be honest, most of those types of places have nothing for kids to do. The goal is to choose a place that intrigues the whole family and has plenty of activities on offer. For example, a trip to Africa is a fantastic idea because not only can you spot wildlife, you can take boating and/or walking safaris. Wildlife sightings, especially, make for an exciting trip. It’s educational and both the adults and children will find this absolutely thrilling!

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Source: the wilderness society


Take care of the Fundamentals Before the Trip

If you’re taking a road-trip make sure you have car insurance with a reputable, trustworthy company that offers roadside assistance. You don’t want to be stuck in the middle of nowhere, with no help close by and the kids in tow. This type of situation is what nightmares are made of so be sure to have it all covered in case anything goes wrong. Us mothers really need to think of everything!

If you’re flying, however, you may want to do your homework on the airlines and pick them according to their child-friendly programs and processes. For one, check that the airline gives priority boarding to couples with children. This will help a great deal because we all know kids hate waiting! And secondly, you may want to check if the airline offers children’s programs on the TV screens. As silly as it sounds, when you’re sitting on the plane for three hours with a bored, screaming child, you’ll realise why this point was so important!


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Take a Toy Bag

A child needs to be entertained, especially when they’re sitting for hours on end, in one spot. Us, as adults, find it difficult so make sure you have every exciting toy you can think of to keep them occupied. Pack in fluffy toys, educational games, drawing books or any one of their favourites to keep them out of trouble and satisfied. One tip, however, make sure the toy is not noisy– I’m sure you don’t need any more reasons for this!


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Carry Treats and Snacks

It’s important to carry some snacks with you to avoid the painful nags of ‘I’m hungry,’ every hour. And, you may want to consider some treats too, to bribe them into being ‘good’ if they want to get any of it (sounds terrible but it really works!) Just make sure they’re sugarless!



Pack in Wet-Wipes!

I can’t stress this enough and any mother will agree with me here. Wherever kids go, a trail of mess will follow. Wet wipes are essential to ensure that their clothes stay relatively stain free, the seats can be wiped of any excess mess and their hands (and face) can be wiped down before touching anything else!

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Keep Them Comfortable

Comfortable clothing is a must when travelling. You could go as far as dressing them in their pyjamas for the duration of the trip. Either way, whatever they’re wearing should be comfy, soft, and not too hot or too cold. Blankets and pillows are of course another essential comfy item!


Pack Essential Medication

In the unfortunate event that the little one comes down with a fever during travelling or the rest of the holiday, some key essential meds will help a great deal. Cough syrup, eardrops (especially for change in altitude), antibacterial ointment and fever reduction medication are definite must-haves.

first aid case


If you’re prepared for the trip and the kids’ potential needs you’ll not only be able to quickly save a situation from turning into a nightmare but you’ll also feel a lot less stressed because you know you’re prepared for whatever might come your way. And we know with children, anything is possible!



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