Why Wait For New Year To Have Fun With Fitness?

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Every year seems to get faster, and this year has been no different; you’ll already be in the swing of autumn, and winter isn’t far off at all (time to start thinking about all the festive stuff). Hopefully, you’re embracing the cosy nights inside, tucking into seasonal stews, and your scented candle supply is being put to good use. However, for many, the colder weather leads to far less inclination to keep up their fitness and exercise. If you had a routine during the summer; it’s probably come to an end, just like the warmer weather did.

Therefore, it’s worth looking into ways to give yourself a boost of motivation, so that you can keep up your fitness throughout the cold months, and by the time spring is here again, it’ll be a breeze. Don’t forget about it until the new year; the first week of January is never a great time to start feeling motivated to get out in the cold and begin making health and wellbeing changes. If you start doing a little each week or day now; it’ll just become part of life, and you’ reap the many benefits. Do you have to put tiny shorts on and go running at 5 am on a frosty morning? Certainly not. It’s about finding something fun that you look forward to, so you’re more likely to embrace it and stick to it. The following are some ideas for busy mums who need some inspiration and a helping hand in the right direction regarding their exercise and fitness.



Start A Class

If there’s always something that you’ve wanted to try; there’s no time like the present to check out what’s available in your area. Maybe you’ve been inspired by Strictly, and want to begin ballroom dance classes, or ice skating is something that you wish you were better at; exercise classes don’t have to mean a traditional gym setting. If you’re learning a new skill or honing a talent; you’ll forget that you’re even there to build up fitness and stamina, and these things will become a bonus when you’re gliding across the dancefloor. They’ll also be a great sense of comradery in a class setting; you’ll push each other and make new friends in the meantime, so have a think about the days and evenings you could spare an hour or two.


Make It Social

Whether you’ve signed up for yoga, pilates, or Zumba classes, or you prefer a brisk and lengthy walk around the park; having company is always more fun than going it alone. Therefore, it’s worth encouraging a friend, or more, to join your exercise routine on a regular basis and making it into a way of catching up and socialising. Set yourselves targets and goals, and give yourself incentives, like a dinner and drinks, or a trip to the coffee shop together, if you reach them. You’ll be far more inclined to head out and exercise on a chilly day if your friends are there, with the promise of gossip and coffee at the end of your session, so why wait until next year to enjoy both?

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