What’s In Your Comfortable Family Home?

comfortable home with flowers, tea and a book

Home is where the heart belongs, as the saying goes. But naturally, there’s more to it than just a feeling. Home is the place where you can sit down and relax, where you can enjoy your bubble of comfort far away from the fast-paced world, and where you are safe. Your home is an ambivalent place with multiple functions. It provides headspace and thinking space to those who need to let go of their worries. It offers a sense of luxury that you can’t find anywhere else. And finally, it gives protection against external threats for your family – whether those relate to the weather or something else. Therefore your family home needs to reflect its different roles in its arrangement, furniture, and household items. Because your home is much more than a house, you have to ensure that it is equipped to fulfil its necessary functions.


Clean and organised space

Have you noticed how people tend to accumulate things they don’t need? From too many shoes to too many pieces of furniture – yes, the old desk you had in your student room has stories to tell, but are these stories worth the clutter? – we clutter our rooms. You need to maintain a clean living space that is free of clutter and unwanted items. Decluttering is not just a decor trend: it’s a way to clearing up your breathing space and improving a stressful environment. Open places are relaxing and help you to focus your thoughts, and that’s what you want for your home. So there are two main words that you need to remember about your living space, and these are DECLUTTERING and STORAGE. Invest in effective and elegant storage solutions so that you can keep your home organised and clutter-free.


A comfy spot for everyone

Everyone has a favourite spot they miss when they’re away. Is it the large cushion at the end of the sofa? Or maybe the rug in front of the open fire? If you haven’t already, it’s time to find your favourite spot or to arrange your decor until you do. But you need to consider the comfort of every member of your family, not just yours. A soft pillow for granddad and one of those luxury dog beds for your labrador pup would be lovely additions to the overall decor. Think of it this way: Make it a home for everyone and only then can it be the place they long for.


A safe nest for your loved ones

When it comes to thinking of home safety, most families consider security systems and sturdy doors. But there’s another kind of threats that you need to consider and that can put your health at risk. Cleaning products, for instance, contains chemicals that can be dangerous for young children and animals. Instead, you could make your own natural cleaning products using everyday products such as vinegar, lemon juice and baking soda. These are equally effective on stains, grease removal and dirt, but they have the advantage of being completely safe for children and pets.  



Transforming your house into a home is often a matter of decor. But don’t just stop at painting walls and putting flowers in a vase. Home is where the head is at peace, the body is comfortable, and the health is preserved.



*This is a collaborative post. For further information please refer to my disclosure page.


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