My name is Emma Reed and I am a self-published Author, Blogger and Freelance Writer. I live in Hampshire with my husband and 2 sons (aged 10 and 6) plus our Border Terrier Tessa.

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I would describe myself as fun, outgoing, honest, musical, sociable and organised. Who I am today has mostly been determined by the fact that I was brought up by a strong, single mother who was sadly taken from us far too soon by breast cancer in 2003. This has led me to look at life from a different perspective and to continue to do things that would make her proud with my boys being the biggest thing I could bring!

I’ve been a trainee veterinary nurse, a store manager and a teaching assistant prior to having children but my new venture of becoming a writer began in February 2016 when I self-published my first book after having my first son. ‘Your Teething Baby, from one parent to another’ came about because I found very little information about the teething process when I so desperately needed it so I decided to take matters into my own hands. I have brought together everything I have learnt and researched on this topic in order to try and help other parents going through this development. It is available now on Amazon kindle for £4.50.

Writing my book led to the start of my blog which began as a place for me to share my thoughts and parenting experiences, to give you ideas for days’ out, to provide tips I learn about parenthood along the way and to voice my opinions on the tough parts of being a Mother. It does still hold a lot of these values but in the last couple of years, I have taken a more eco-focused route not only in my writing but also within my life by making a lot of swaps to reusable products, reducing our waste, growing our own, becoming a vegetarian and so on. With my main message that anybody can be eco and small sustainable steps are the way forward, I want to show my readers that living more eco-friendly shouldn’t be hard, that it is achievable and that it is simple to fit in with your lifestyle.

It All Started With a Cloth Nappy…

We made the switch to cloth nappies in 2018 which was what then led to a change in mindset, environmental awareness and a need to do more. I am loving our eco-journey and documenting what we are doing on my blog as well as on my social media. I created the hashtag #TheCheekOfClothNappies which has helped to show the benefits of going reusable. Making these changes is important for our children’s future and I will continue to use my platforms to inspire others to consider what swaps they can also make.

My latest project has been to create a simple eco home audit downloadable pack to get you started on your eco journey. This 36 page pack is ideal for anybody who has just begun to look at how they can make changes to become more eco-friendly. Written entirely by me, this pack includes tips, articles, cleaning recipes and audit checklists to help you to make small sustainable steps in a manageable way. You can purchase it here on Etsy.

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The Blog

My blog has developed into my little business which I can, fortunately, make work around my two guys’ needs. On my blog I offer sponsored posts plus reviews, I can also offer social media promotion as well as behind the scenes services such as social media tips, content and freelance services for those who need content provided for their own websites. A blog is a great way to bring traffic to your site and if you would like to speak to me regarding any of these then please do so via the contact me page.

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