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Your Teething Baby from one parent to another book front coverYour Teething Baby, from one parent to another

When my son began to teethe at the age of 6 weeks I looked for information, I asked for advice, I wanted to know about all of the remedies and I hoped to find a book with all the answers I so desperately needed.

The usual suggestion of infant paracetamol cropped up time and time again, but what happens if this just doesn’t touch your child’s pain? What if they have other symptoms developing too? What if you are so exhausted from sleepless nights that you are wanting to find the remedy that will work specifically for your baby’s issues? This is precisely why I sat down one day and began to write. I researched all the areas I had questions about, I spoke to the largest UK teething companies, I asked for other parents to tell me about their own experiences and I added all my own personal thoughts and difficulties of this development stage.

This book was a labour of love, written whilst Jake napped and at night. I wanted to produce an easy to read book that spoke to parents as a parent and not from a medical point of view full of confusing terms. I believe that this book is a must-have for all parents and babies who really are suffering through a tough time. I hope to help many parents where I couldn’t find any.

You can read some excerpts of Your Teething Baby book in this sneak peek post. I have other information filled blog posts available on my website including this one on teething tips, this one on why teething isn’t a myth and one for overcoming those brushing problems.

If you are interested in purchasing my book ‘Your Teething Baby, from one parent to another’ you can do so on Amazon for £4.50 on kindle here.

Have you ever thought there may be more to teething than what you’ve been told?
Is your baby irritable and keeping you up at night due to pain?
Is your baby teething with no end in sight?

‘Parents have reported high temperatures, ear aches, diarrhoea and lack of sleep along with many more teething signs for hundreds of years. Some health practitioners agree with parents that teething is uncomfortable and painful, yet some claim there is no link whatsoever between teething and these types of symptoms.’
Top tips and advice are offered along the way, to guide you as parents through what can be the most difficult time.

‘The hints and tips should hopefully have cleared the sometimes muddied waters and answered some questions you may have had. Your baby will get through this and with your help it will now be a much easier and a more pain free time.’
Once the teeth arrive oral care is vital from the word go. ‘Your Teething Baby’ covers topics from the very start of brushing, to visiting the dentist, understanding about fluoride and plaque and how to cope when your little one doesn’t want to brush. This book covers every area you could possibly think of regarding teething and really is designed to help and support parents.

This teething book aims to answer all of your questions; from which teeth are erupting and what order they appear, to remedies available on the market and how to use them. It talks about every symptom that has been reported by parents and how these can be best managed; with quotes from other parents sharing their experiences. It also gives you an insight into the history of teething and looks at what remedies are used around the world – as well as covering those old wives tales we have all heard.

Your Simple Eco Home Audit Checklists and Tips

My latest project has been to create a simple eco home audit downloadable pack to get you started on your eco journey. This 36 page pack is ideal for anybody who has just begun to look at how they can make changes to become more eco-friendly. Written entirely by me, this pack includes tips, articles, cleaning recipes and audit checklists to help you to make small sustainable steps in a manageable way. You can purchase it here on Etsy.