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Common Parenting Screw-Ups and How to Avoid Them

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Parenting is not a cakewalk. People chalk out plans to raise their children well and make them efficient. Parents make mistakes because of several factors involved in raising kids.

However, parenting is one thing that has no quick guide; people learn as they go through the process. Besides, parents are humans only. So it is obvious that they will make mistakes. And, frankly, it is no big deal, you screw up, and then you learn from it.

However, there are some parenting failures that almost every parent makes. Therefore, we’ve listed them in this article to help new parents prevent these screw-ups in their parenting journey. Dig in to learn about the common failures and ways to avoid them.

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Here Are 8 Fun Things to Do With Your Kids on a Holiday Weekend

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Are you having a brood of bored kids on a holiday weekend? Worry not. You can do many things to keep them busy and entertained while you have fun in the process. All you need to do is find something they will like; if they don’t, don’t force them. You can try many more things to ensure your kids have the best holiday weekend. The following are the top 8 things you should add to your bucket list to ensure you and your kids have the best holiday weekend. 

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8 fantastic stem toys to educate and entertain

8 Fantastic STEM Toys To Educate And Entertain


If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably accumulated an awful lot of toys over the years. A combination of fad toys, gifted toys, toys that have never, ever been played with, the favourite toys and the timeless ones. I think we all learn as parents which toy types are a hit and I am very much now all about the ones that will provide hours of entertainment as well as education for our children; and if they can also bring them together as siblings, even better! With this in mind, I have selected 8 STEM toys to educate and entertain from Very’s large toy section to give you a little gift inspiration for this holiday season.

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Tips on How to Cope With a New Baby

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It is not easy having a new baby. It is a huge life change, and you will have many feelings you may never have experienced. There is a lot of worry and stress that comes with a baby. A lot of people wonder if they are doing the right thing and have to cope with a lot of unsolicited advice. The mother-in-law relationship can sometimes be one of the hardest relationships to manage too, so there is that dynamic too. Luckily you are not alone. Almost all mothers will have gone through what you a feeling right now, and that means there is a lot of advice out there. So, let’s have a look at some tips on how to cope with a new baby.

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8 Fall Family Trips to Take This Year

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Many families forget about vacation once the summer ends, but they’re missing out on some of the peak travel time. Fall is a glorious season for a family trip. The bugs have gone into hiding, and you can’t beat the scenery or gorgeous weather.

Furthermore, travel need not be expensive. With lodging options like glamping and renting an RV, you can afford to take a few days away. There’s nothing wrong with a day-long excursion, either — most of the locations on this list qualify. Where should you go, and what should you do? Here are eight fall family trips to take this year.

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7 Fun Outdoor Activities To Do With Your Kids In 2023

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Outdoor activities are a great way to get active and enjoy nature at the same time. The great thing about outdoor activities is that you don’t need to book an expensive day trip or go on an exhausting hike to enjoy them. You can do these activities almost anywhere, and they’ll cost you very little time and money. If you and your kids are feeling a little cooped up and bored, then it might be time to venture outside for some fresh air. Nature has a way of resetting our minds and getting us out of our comfort zones. When we spend more time in nature, we feel happier, healthier and more relaxed. Outdoor activities are also an excellent way to bond as a family while doing something fun together. Keep reading if you’re looking for some fun outdoor activities to do with your kids in 2023.

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How to Baby-Proof Your Car

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Expecting a little one? Congratulations! This is an incredibly exciting moment in your life, but it is also a daunting one. You will want to make sure that you are prepared for your little bundle of joy and there is a lot that needs to be considered. One hugely important task will be to baby-proof your car so that it will be safe and comfortable to transport the newest addition to your family.

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