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How To Teach Children The Value of Responsible Travel

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With the negative effects of global warming ever present in countries worldwide, it has never been more important to consider the environment when planning our holidays. Ensuring that we are prioritising sustainability in our plans and taking the time to educate the next generation on the value of responsible travel is a vital part of our mission to safeguard the planet for the future.

By opening up the dialogue about tourism and discussing the positive and negative impacts it can have on communities around the world, you can nurture your children’s passion for exploration while also instilling an understanding of how to care for the environment when travelling and the importance of being respectful of the cultures they encounter. From types of transport to itinerary ideas, discover how to get your kids involved and invested in planning greener family holidays.

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Here’s How to Promote a Diverse Diet in Your Kids

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Having a diverse diet with different fruits, vegetables, grains, and proteins helps you stay healthy and have the energy to get through the day. Now that you have kids, you may have seen the types of foods you have on hand slowly diminish.

Kids’ taste buds are more sensitive than adults, so getting them interested in new foods can be harder, especially if they aren’t sweet foods. Scientists believe this is evolutionary to attract babies to their mother’s milk and stop young kids from eating bitter foods that could be poisonous.

Thankfully, some tips and tricks can help you vary your kids’ diet to set them up for healthy eating throughout their life.

Here’s how to promote a diverse diet in your kids.

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Exploring Gratitude With Your Child

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As parents, it is a common desire to want to provide your child with every opportunity, luxury and happiness life has to offer. However, in doing so, the risk of raising an entitled child who doesn’t understand or value the importance of hard work increases. Gratitude is an important value that all parents should encourage their children to develop. It helps with mental health, performance in school and overall wellbeing. It involved reflection on all the blessings in life that help us feel happy, loved and secure. This could be family, a home or even the food in your kitchen. Children who practice gratitude are more connected to the world around them which helps them develop their confidence and ability to do well in life. Here is a simple guide on how to explore gratitude with your child.

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Helping Your Child Become More Independent

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If you were to ask a group of parents what they would like their children to achieve in life, the common answer given would be success. Success leads to a happier and more comfortable individual which is what every parent dreams for their child. One key ingredient to making all this possible is independence. This leads to children learning and developing an array of skills that will make reaching the top of the ladder that much easier. From academic success in schools to graduating from the best universities, independence is key in all of it. As parents, it is important to help your child become more independent from a young age for them to develop the best skills. Read on to find out more.

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The Benefits of School Uniform for Children

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Every child and parent has questioned once in their life why school uniforms are compulsory in most schools in the UK. Children prefer to wear clothes of their own that are fun and allow them to express themselves better whilst parents would prefer to stay away from the additional costs of school uniforms every year. However, there are many impressive benefits from wearing a uniform whilst at school that make the costs and the lack of fun worth it. Here is some advice from an independent nursery in Harpenden on the benefits of school uniform for children. 

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5 Outdoor Learning Activities for Children

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As parents, it is important to keep children in a learning environment throughout their developmental stages. This doesn’t mean keeping them in a classroom day and night but finding new and exciting ways to include learning in daily activities. Sometimes, changing it up means changing the location entirely and what better place than the great outdoors? Nature provides to be one of the best classrooms around and is one of the best methods of learning. If you are on the search for outdoor learning activities for your child then look no further. Advised by a girl’s school in Gerrards Cross, here are 5 to get you started.

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7 Ways to Encourage Inclusivity in Your Child’s School

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Children are some of the most open-minded people you’ll ever encounter. All you need to do is expose them to other identities so they can understand how other people live. Different is not bad, and while a child may be unsure about how to treat differences at first, you can guide them in the right direction by teaching them about inclusivity from a young age. Try these techniques to help transform how your child — and maybe even the rest of their school — looks at uniqueness and differences.

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