spomge cake with sprinkles

Stress Free Birthday Cake Making For Toddlers

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It’s your toddler’s birthday, and you’re in charge of making the cake. This isn’t a job for just anyone; it takes someone with skill and patience to get it right. It might not feel like that person is you but with these simple steps, baking a fabulous cake for your little one will be a breeze and no stress at all.

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baby being bottle fed

Essential Guide to Weaning Your Baby off Breast Milk

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Switching from breast milk to formula can be a daunting process. The transitional phase from being fully breastfed to formula-fed is tricky but you can reduce the overwhelm by following some or all of the tips outlined in this essential guide to weaning your baby off breast milk.

Health experts generally recommend exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months of life. Solids combined with breast milk for the next six months until your baby is 12 months old is the recommended time frame however, you can start weaning from six months to combine formula milk with solids instead of breastfeeding.

Here are a few helpful tips to facilitate the process of weaning from exclusive breastfeeding to formula feeding.

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kids birthday party table with hats, cake and decorations

10 Plastic-Free Party Bag Favour Ideas

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When you are trying your best to be more eco-friendly and plastic-free there can be certain times in the year where this can feel like a much bigger task and, as a parent, you will find these periods will crop up more and more as your children grow up. Kids birthday parties are one of those times. None of us wants to say no to our children and none of us wants to prevent them from having fun so finding other options is the only way forward. And thankfully there are plenty of them coming to the market now which makes it far easier to find an eco-friendly alternative to many party traditions. Here are 10 plastic-free party bag favour ideas that will hopefully go down a storm.

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bambino mio review

Bambino Mio Review

When we started looking into cloth nappies, it was very overwhelming. There were many brands, different types of nappies, a lot of terms, and as somebody who had used disposables with her first child, I had a lot to learn. Thankfully some cloth nappy brands out there can make this switch really simple by being manufactured to be quite similar in style to disposable nappies and this was why I confidently took our first steps into the cloth nappy world with the all-in-one Bambino Mio. In this Bambino Mio review I will provide everything we have experienced in using them, how they fit, absorbency, care and our overall thoughts.

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toddler feet sitting on a toilet

12 Tips For A Simple Transition Into Potty Training

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A few weeks ago we decided to see if William was ready to take the plunge and attempt to potty train (I hate this term, if you’ve followed me for a while you will know this but it is the most recognisable term so I will use it here – I just don’t believe in “training” our kids). Anyway, I was pretty sceptical as he’d never shown any interest in trying pants on previously, his speech is still a little behind so I wasn’t sure he would be able to tell us that he needed to go in time plus he just adores his cloth nappies – as do I!! However, I was proved completely wrong and he happily gave it a go and I can (sob) report that he hasn’t worn a daytime nappy since.

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baba and boo review

Baba and Boo Review

I have always said that using cloth nappies should be simple. I believe there is a nappy out there to suit everyone and that once you find it, using cloth will be a joy and this is exactly what happened when we discovered Baba and Boo 3 years ago. I was very lucky that this brand came as a recommendation by a friend and that as soon as I fitted our first one, I was hooked! Baba and Boo have seen us through every single day of our cloth nappy journey and because of their reliability, their stunning prints, their comfortable fit, they have made using cloth a breeze and so I thought I would write up a full Baba and Boo review so others could find out all of the relevant information and decide if this brand is the one for them too.

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2 boys holding hands on the beach running towards the sea

How to Protect Your Child’s Skin from the Sun

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When summer comes around it is inevitable that children will want to bask and play in the sun. While this is healthy and should be encouraged, too much exposure to sun rays can cause damage to the skin.

As a parent, this is obviously the last thing that you want. However, in order to prevent damage to your child’s skin, there are certain precautions that you will need to take. Here is a look at how you can keep their skin as healthy as possible and how to protect your child’s skin from the sun.

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