a child dancing around outside in the summer sun

Amazing Things You Can Do With Your Kids This Summer

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Okay, so the global pandemic might have put the kibosh on your holiday plans for at least a year. But just because you’re not jetting off to places like Greece or Turkey, it doesn’t mean you can’t have fun as a family this summer. Indeed, as a parent, it is important to become adaptable and to be able to show your kids a fun time as much as possible.  Continue reading “Amazing Things You Can Do With Your Kids This Summer”

a mum and daughter sitting by water with the little girl smiling up

How To Teach Your Child To Be a Good Person

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Being a parent is a huge responsibility and a great joy at the same time. However, raising a child requires a lot of care, patience, and intelligence. So, before you decide to indulge your little ones with all the love you have for them, here are some tips that will help you teach your child to be a good and kind person. Continue reading “How To Teach Your Child To Be a Good Person”

a photo of our favourite wooden toys in a nursery

Our Favourite Wooden Toys

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As an eco blogger, I am often asked about wooden toys and which our favourite are. However, I must start by saying that I’m by no means an expert in wooden toys and that our collection is still very small in comparison to our plastic toys. Not that there is nothing wrong with that. In fact, I have previously written about why I wouldn’t rid our home of plastic toys with the biggest reason being that if we all started to throw them out, there would be even more plastic sitting in landfill not going anywhere. Toys are designed to be played with and our children will play with a huge range of toys, mixing styles as well as plastic and wooden to bring their imaginative play to life. Continue reading “Our Favourite Wooden Toys”

extending dining table in my kitchen

The Benefits of Having An Extending Dining Table For Homeschooling

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I cannot stress enough, how much I LOVE my extending dining table! It’s been an absolute life-saver in the current circumstances whilst we’re homeschooling. I’ll be honest, I’m a very organised person anyway, but tackling the different subjects for my different aged children came to me as somewhat of a challenge, like every parent! However, I tackled it head-on and looked at what subjects Jake (6) had going on at school and decided to mostly homeschool the same subject but at different levels, so to cover both my children’s abilities (William is 2). I have to say, this wouldn’t have been possible without our trusty family dining table! Continue reading “The Benefits of Having An Extending Dining Table For Homeschooling”

a sign being held up that states when leaders act like kids, the kids become the leaders

TV Shows and Films That Teach Your Children About Environmental Issues

Ok, I’m going to show my age now but when I was a kid my absolute favourite TV show was Captain Planet. Anyone remember that? Oh my, that theme tune! ‘Captain Planet, he’s a hero, gonna take pollution down to zero!’ Anyway, I started to think about what was available now for children to learn about climate change, our environment, pollution and so on. It’s a topic that has clearly been alive for over 30 years and when you begin to look closely at TV shows or films you really do notice how many cover these problems so I thought I’d provide a list of all the ones I’ve either heard of, been told about or researched because it is so important to keep the conversation going and to teach your children about all of our current environmental issues. Continue reading “TV Shows and Films That Teach Your Children About Environmental Issues”

a baby swimming under water wearing a reusable swim nappy

Why You Should Consider Using Reusable Swim Nappies

Swim nappies are probably the most important part of taking your baby swimming. As a parent, it is your responsibility to ensure that your baby/child keeps any little faecal accidents contained so not to contaminate the pool. Any leaks will lead to the closure of the public pool and will result in hours of cleaning… You definitely do not want to be THAT parent! I am sure that everybody reading this is very familiar with the disposable swim nappies that are readily available in supermarkets (Huggies being the most prominent brand) but have you heard of or considered using reusable swim nappies? Let’s take a look at what they are and why I think they are the best option out there… Continue reading “Why You Should Consider Using Reusable Swim Nappies”

our space themed home learning area

11 Fun Space Themed Home Learning Activities

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Even though home learning was sprung on us due to the Covid-19 lockdown, I’ve actually found it quite good fun coming up with different activities for the boys each day. I know it can be really hard when you have more than one child and it is even harder when their age gaps are that little bit bigger as not everything can be done by each of them. With this in mind, I’ve had no option but to find fun activities for both children to get involved with. This usually results in me setting something a little more challenging Continue reading “11 Fun Space Themed Home Learning Activities”