2 parents and a child showing decision making skills

How to Improve Your Kids’ Decision-Making Skills

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Decision-making is a key skill. We all must develop our decision-making skills since it will help us for a lifetime. However, it is an action or process of making choices. But its effect is huge in our life. Therefore, we should focus on our situations and become self-sufficient enough to make our own decisions.

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mum feeding her baby organic baby food

Organic Baby Food: a Sustainable and Ethical Choice for Infant Nutrition


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Why do many people relate the choice of infant food to ethical features? These are things that influence food choices. The basic principles are the following:

  • safety
  • diversity
  • nutrition value
  • eco-friendliness
  • cultural aspects

Breastfeeding is indisputably the best food for a baby, but not all mothers can physically manage it. So, bottle feeding is their solution. Why is it significant to keep to sustainable and ethical principles? Why do many parents prefer organic baby food pouches to mashed fruit? What makes organic baby formula secure for infants? Let’s find it out. 

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happy child on a slide

How To Create Playground Spaces That Stimulate The Minds Of Kids

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Children love playing in playgrounds in public parks, school and nursery. A great playground, though, not only offers the opportunity to have fun, but to grow and develop physically, to learn about independence and social skills, and to improve and develop cognitive ability. 

There are lots of ways that a playground can encourage mental stimulation in the pupils enjoying the space, and if you are designing outdoor playground equipment, it’s important to include those considerations in your plans. Read on for some helpful ideas on how to design a playground space that will stimulate the minds of your little learners: 

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snowdrops in spring

5 Safety Tips to Remember for Spring

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Spring is an excellent time to venture outdoors and enjoy a warm fresh breeze with your kids. However, warmer temperatures often bring more opportunities for injuries, especially with little ones. Here are some essential safety tips to keep you and your family safe while you enjoy the warm weather this spring.

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a guy in a wheelchair high fiving a friend with 2 others stood nearby smiling

Fun-Filled Accessible Activity Ideas To Enjoy With The Kids

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If you have a disabled child and you want some inspiration for some fun and educational activities that you can do together, read on. To help you find inspiration, we’ve put together a range of fun-filled accessible activity ideas that you can enjoy with your child, giving you the opportunity to make many magical memories together.

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children homeschooling

How to Plan Your Homeschool Schedule

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For some children, homeschooling may seem like the easy option over going to school. Could their parents really deliver a good teaching plan? A schedule is most definitely key and if you aren’t sure how to set one up this article will be sure to help you on your way. If you plan each school day correctly, the process will be more successful and the result more productive. Here is how to plan your homeschool schedule…

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play written on building blocks

The Role of Play in Building Social and Emotional Intelligence

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Playing comes naturally to children and is an enjoyable way to stay active, healthy, and happy. Allowing children to engage in free play promotes their development. Throughout their infancy up to adolescence, children require a diverse range of play experiences to maintain their physical and mental well-being and acquire valuable life skills.

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