Review | Discovering The Sustainable Style of IDENTITY LINGERIE


Sourcing sustainable clothing has become a big focus for me in the last few years but from research and experience, it isn’t always the easiest thing to achieve or get right. There are many brands out there “claiming” to be more eco-friendly or ethical but when it comes to the crunch, most seem to be simply greenwashing their consumers and so, I have found that the best way to shop sustainably is secondhand. Now, for most clothing items this is fine, however, I do draw the line at preloved underwear and nightwear, which I am sure many of you will agree with, so what can we do in this situation? Thankfully, there are more and more sustainable and ethical brands popping up and offering a wide range of beautifully crafted, timeless, fun and size-inclusive pieces in the lingerie space and I have recently been introduced to one such brand – IDENTITY LINGERIE. I was sent some of their lovely items to try out and review so let’s see what I thought…


IDENTITY LINGERIE is a small family-run sustainable business that was founded by Igor and Diana in 2017. As a former model, Diana felt first-hand the demand of having to fit into a certain beauty standard box and decided that she wanted to create her own brand that would allow a move away from this outdated focus and show that all shapes and sizes can feel beautiful, desirable and empowered through their clothing by offering a selection of garments available in a wide range of sizes, designs and customisable options.

label on the IDENTITY LINGERIE pyjamas

The brand not only cares about its customers but also the environment and it strives to tick as many sustainable boxes as possible which I have listed below:

Zero Waste, Ethical and Sustainability Practices to Love

  • Ethical production by highly skilled artisans in Ukraine
  • All fabric remnants are turned into hair accessories and packaging pouches
  • They donate old stock fabric and leftovers to Ukrainian charities who then use these to produce linens for hospitals
  • Timeless designs – slow fashion, not fast fashion
  • Materials are carefully sourced in small batches to prevent overstocking
  • Pieces are produced in small batches to meet current demand meaning there is no overproduction
  • Customer responses are closely monitored to also avoid excess production
  • Returns are always resold (unless damaged)
  • Biodegradable and recyclable packaging materials are used
  • Inclusive ranges are available up to XXL and custom order options are available


I was sent one of IDENTITY LINGERIE’s best-selling pieces, the long silky satin button up pyjamas and I also chose a stunning lacy navy blue lingerie set to help me move away from my frumpy mum underwear and start to feel more like myself again.

First Impressions

Well, IDENTITY LINGERIE does not fail to make an impression from the off. Their pieces arrived in a simple cardboard box with logoed paper tape. Inside, the items are encased in paper with a sticker to secure and then – and this is the stunning part – your chosen clothing is beautifully sealed in a silk pouch.

the silk satin packaging pouch

Long Silky Satin Button Up Pyjamas in Green

As soon as I pulled the pyjamas from their matching green packaging pouch I could instantly feel the high quality. These are made from a silky satin material to give that luxurious, elegant look as well as feel amazing during your night’s sleep. If you know me, you’ll not be at all surprised that I chose this dark green colour although the pink and navy did also catch my eye.

me sat on the bed wearing the silk pyjamas

I opted for a medium in these because I need the extra material for my broad shoulders and long arms and in choosing this size I got the perfect fit on the top. The bottoms are a little big but as they are high-waisted this isn’t noticeable plus they are for sleeping in and I much prefer loose-fitting clothing in bed anyway. Now when I tell you that as soon as I put these on I felt very fancy and posh I am not lying. I have never owned a pair of pyjamas that immediately made me feel lavish, honestly, this look with the piping detail, the collar, the cute pocket, and the button-up design all with the silky material made me feel a million dollars, like I should be in some luxurious hotel room ordering room service whilst sipping champagne!

showing the detailing on the IDENTITY LINGERIE pyjamas

It just goes to show that IDENTITY LINGERIE has achieved their goal of making women feel amazing and empowered through their clothing. My other pyjamas (most of which could never be shown in a blog) will never be a match for these. I guess I will just have to build myself a nice collection of these ladies silk pyjamas.

me stood up wearing the IDENTITY LINGERIE pyjamas

Strappy Bralette and Lace Knickers

My other order was a stunning strappy bralette with lace knickers both in navy. You do have to purchase these separately but this makes it easier if you do have sizing differences or if you would rather mix and match. I chose small for the bralette and originally went for medium in the knickers, however, these turned out to be a little too big so I quickly and effortlessly sent them back to IDENTITY LINGERIE who quickly replaced them with a size small which was perfect – and which surprised me!

the bralette

This set has just really helped me to feel like me again. Since becoming a mum I have stuck to so many comfy casuals both in ordinary clothing and my underwear because I just felt like that was the easiest option for everyday but what a difference it can make to how you feel about yourself just by popping some lacy, well made, sexy lingerie instead. The bralette not only looks good but it is supportive and extremely comfortable.

me wearing the bralette

The knickers are stylish, cute and feel great. I will definitely be ordering more from their range, my underwear drawer is long overdue a refresh.

Overall Thoughts

I love the ethos and ethics of IDENTITY LINGERIE, this is a company who are showing how slow fashion can be achieved and how we can still own stunning pieces of clothing without impacting too much on the planet. If more brands chose to run their production in this way it would make such a positive difference.

If you are looking to make some sustainable changes but don’t want to compromise on quality then I’d highly recommend checking out IDENTITY LINGERIE’s website.

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*I received these items in exchange for review. As always all opinions are honest and my own. For further information please refer to my disclosure page.

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