stunning purple flowers draping down in a garden for privacy

Creating A Privacy Garden With An Eco-Friendly Twist

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Homeowners who want to have more privacy in their homes, should not look to batten down the hatches and draw the curtains. Instead, you should look outside, to your garden. It’s the best place to stop any prying eyes from even noticing your home. An eco-friendly opportunity awaits, as you can have all the private space you want, and not make the neighbourhood ugly. You don’t need to have large metal gates or tall fences. All you need is a little knowledge and love of getting your hands dirty. Here’s how to create a privacy garden… Continue reading “Creating A Privacy Garden With An Eco-Friendly Twist”

homemade natural toilet bombs in a jar with some sat outside of it

How To Make Natural Toilet Bombs

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Cleaning my home more naturally is really important to me, firstly because I want to rid my home of chemicals and secondly because I want to reduce my plastic waste down as much as I can. This has led me to go down the route of making my own cleaners and so far, so good! My latest homemade challenge was to create some toilet bombs which would naturally clean my toilet with very little effort from me… And it turned out to be very, very simple and very effective! Here is how to make natural toilet bombs. Continue reading “How To Make Natural Toilet Bombs”

homemade window cleaner

How To Make A Natural Homemade Window Cleaner

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If you have been following me for a while, you will know that my eco journey has gone down a lot of paths. From switching out disposables to finding the best reusables, reducing my plastic, looking at my carbon footprint and just recently, making my own household cleaners. I have already covered how to make a natural homemade surface cleaner so my next how-to is my natural homemade window cleaner. Continue reading “How To Make A Natural Homemade Window Cleaner”

homemade surface cleaner

How To Make A Natural Homemade Surface Cleaner

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When I began my eco journey I knew I wanted to make a difference wherever and however I could. It started quite small but has since blossomed into a big project which provides me with lots of fun challenges. Plastic waste and chemicals are 2 areas that I have focussed on quite a lot and when I was looking under my kitchen sink I was astonished by how I had been reeled in without a second thought. We are all ‘sold’ these products as making our lives easier, being the best at cleaning, the best price, the must-have to keep your home clean but in actual fact, it’s not true at all. Continue reading “How To Make A Natural Homemade Surface Cleaner”

footprints in sand on a beach

Leave Only Your Footprints: Must-Have Reusables For The Beach

We all love to enjoy a day out at the beach, don’t we? But it is incredibly sad and infuriating when images of litter-strewn beaches fill the news after a hot summer’s day. There really is no excuse. Every beach will have a bin somewhere, most beaches also provide toilet facilities and there are often cafe’s who could provide you with a bin liner if you forget your own. The trouble is, a lot of people just don’t seem to care. They seem to think that it’s somebody else’s job to clean up after them, that this will happen before the tide takes the litter and that they can just simply walk away from it all. This is NOT the case. If you visit a place like the beach, the only person responsible for your mess is YOU. If you are leaving litter on the beach but shocked by images such as The Great Pacific Garbage Patch then you have your priorities all wrong. Continue reading “Leave Only Your Footprints: Must-Have Reusables For The Beach”

lady sat with jewellery on her hands

Tips for Shopping for Ethical, Sustainable & Eco-Friendly Jewellery

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We are all witnessing the negative effects our actions have on our planet and the environment in general. But we can also all give our contribution, by taking care of what kind of food we produce and eat, what we wear and how conscientious we are about this. So, if you are against wearing fur, and you tend to buy clothes made of recycled, natural materials, choosing jewellery shouldn’t be different. Here are some things to bear in mind if you want to get some eco-friendly jewellery. Continue reading “Tips for Shopping for Ethical, Sustainable & Eco-Friendly Jewellery”

plastic-free period products in a box

3 Ways To Have A Plastic-Free Period

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When I discovered that the majority of sanitary products available on the market contain plastic I was shocked. I mean, I had been using these essential items since the age of 11/12 and never once had I wondered what they were made from, what was added to them or what chemicals they contained. Why would I? We are sold these products on adverts and in magazines, we are told we need them, we are shown a variety of disposable options and told over and over ‘This one is the best!’ What nobody ever told me was that there were other choices. Continue reading “3 Ways To Have A Plastic-Free Period”