7 Fantastic Sustainable Bathroom Product Ideas


When it comes to making your home a little more sustainable, I always say to start small, look at what you think is possible for you to change and start in one room. The bathroom is probably one of the most popular rooms for you to begin with because this is the room that has an awful lot of plastic staring at you each time you enter and as there are plenty of plastic-free alternatives now available these should help you to choose which items you could swap out quite easily. Of course, as with all eco changes, not all will work for you and that’s ok. Making more sustainable choices for the planet has to be sustainable for you, there is no point in struggling on when it doesn’t work for you or you know you won’t be able to keep it up. We all have different lifestyles and needs and this journey is all about you, nobody else. To give you a good starting point, I have teamed up with SaveMoneyCutCarbon to bring you these 7 fantastic sustainable bathroom product ideas…

Bamboo Toothbrush

When looking at making simple swaps, the toothbrush has to be one of the easiest. For so, so long we have used plastic toothbrushes but switching to a bamboo one will give you the exact same results just in a more sustainable way.

“For centuries, the basic toothbrush was made from natural materials. But during the early 20th century, the giddy early days of plastic innovation, manufacturers started substituting nylon and other plastics into the design—and never looked back. Plastic has so fully infiltrated toothbrush design that it’s nearly impossible to clean our teeth without touching a polymer. And because plastic is essentially indestructible, that means nearly every single toothbrush made since the 1930s is still out there in the world somewhere, living on as a piece of trash”

National Geographic

A bamboo toothbrush looks and feels just like a plastic one, the only different step you take is at the end of its life when you carefully remove the bristles using tweezers and add the wooden handle to your compost bin. Bamboo will naturally break down in these conditions leaving you with a lovely rich soil instead of polluting our ground or oceans. The bristles can be recycled at local centres (check what is available in your area). This is a really popular starting point for many people embarking on their eco-friendly journey.

bamboo toothbrushes

Silk Dental Floss

Did you know that the majority of dental floss options on the market are plastic-based? However, this is another single-use plastic that we can easily eliminate by switching to an eco-friendly version. This fully biodegradable dental floss is made from silk, it naturally breaks down so it’s compostable, while at the same it is as strong and effective as your traditional plastic floss. What’s even better is that it comes in a reusable glass bottle and this is packaged in a cardboard box which means the entire product is zero waste.

silk dental floss

Bamboo Cotton Buds

The infamous photo of the seahorse holding onto a plastic cotton bud in the ocean is what led to a lot of people to begin to focus on their plastic waste. Such simple products contain plastic, ones we probably never even previously looked closely at. Seeing how many of these items end up in our environment is devastating but with so many alternatives now available to us, it can be very easy to still use the products we need but in a more eco-friendly way. These cotton buds from SaveMoneyCutCarbon are made with a compostable bamboo stick, free from coatings, and packaged in fully recyclable and compostable packaging.

bamboo cotton buds

Bamboo Reusable Makeup Remover Pads

Removing makeup has, for a very long time, involved single-use wipes (which often contain plastic) or cotton pads which may not be a plastic but are still wasteful both during production and after use. Switching to reusables is one of the most simple, effective and cost-saving thing anybody can do and these reusable makeup remover pads are a fantastic option.

This 16-pack Bamboo Reusable Makeup Remover Pads set contains 12 soft, velvety pads which are ideal for sensitive areas and for removing everyday makeup. It also includes 4 scrub terry cloth pads which are perfect for exfoliating your skin as well as removing tough makeup. You can use these to both cleanse and tone your skin.

The pack also contains a cotton washing bag to help to protect the materials and to avoid damage to your machine. They can be washed at 40°C to 60°C in a normal wash and then air-dried and reused.

reusable makeup remover pads

Plastic-Free Plasters

Not only can normal plasters cause irritations to some sensitive skin but they are also made from plastic which again means that these will remain on our planet polluting it for many years to come. Patch Plasters are a fantastic plastic-free alternative which we have been using for the last couple of years. Patch’s adhesive bandages are specially designed to be a completely natural, sustainable and allergy free as well as being free from latex, plastics, parabens, sulphates and merthiolate. Once used, they can be placed in your home compost system to naturally biodegrade.

patch plasters

Toothpaste Tube Squeezer

If you are using a squeezy tube for your toothpaste (or for any other ointments, creams, gels etc) then you’ve probably noticed that getting every last bit out of the tube is a bit of a mission? The tubes really are designed to leave waste which isn’t good for your wallet or for the environment (if you want to Terracycle these they have to be as clean as possible). This toothpaste tube squeezer is an excellent invention for helping you to get to every last drop out.

Water Displacement Bag

Did you know that at home, around a third of the water we use daily is flushed down the toilet? AND in your business, that figure can be as high as 90%! Saving water is a very important part of living more sustainably, even in what may seem like a wetter country, water is a vital resource. The Save-a-Flush water displacement bag will help to cut the water used in each flush saving both your money and the environment. By popping one of these bags inside your cistern you could be saving up to 4,800 litres on average per year!

Each bag contains a super absorbent polymer called potassium polyacrylamide, which is non-toxic and environmentally safe. The bag should last you years and you would only need to replace it if the bag ever became damaged. This would make a fantastic addition to any bathroom to help to make it more sustainable. And to protect your waterways as well as the environment you could also switch to a sustainable toilet roll like ecoHiny’s bamboo toilet paper. With this combo, you will have one very eco-friendly loo!

save a flush displacement bag

Being more sustainable doesn’t need to be complicated at all and these products prove that you can still enjoy your essentials just by choosing your brand a little more carefully.

If you’d like to save more money on these fantastic sustainable bathroom product ideas or any other eco swaps that will help to reduce your carbon footprint and household waste, then why not sign up to the SaveMoneyCutCarbon Members Club where you will receive exclusive special offers, products and bundles, you can earn Planet club points, unbeatable prices, exclusive guides and so much more.

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