Eco-Cleaning Tips

During my eco journey I have managed to make a lot of sustainable swaps, ditched many disposable items, found some amazing reusables and have really reduced my household waste. One area that can be quite shocking is what goes into cleaning products. Many contain chemicals you may not necessarily want around your home or on your children’s skin and on top of this, they also come packaged in plastic. In order to get around this problem I have been gradually working out how to make my own homemade natural cleaners to reduce the shop bought ones and so far, so good! Of course, I couldn’t keep these to myself so I have created these handy graphics for you to save, share, pin, print out, laminate and store in your home to easily refer to. Happy cleaning!


natural toilet bombs graphic

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natural washing machine cleaner

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homemade surface cleaner graphic

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homemade window cleaner graphic

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natural limescale remover graphic


a simple homemade natural furniture polish recipe


homemade natural cream cleaner recipe

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homemade natural deodoriser recipe




natural degreaser graphic

homemade natural air freshener

natural liquid toilet cleaner

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natural homemade over cleaner