How To Make A Natural Homemade Surface Cleaner

homemade surface cleaner

When I began my eco journey I knew I wanted to make a difference wherever and however I could. It started quite small but has since blossomed into a big project which provides me with lots of fun challenges. Plastic waste and chemicals are 2 areas that I have focussed on quite a lot and when I was looking under my kitchen sink I was astonished by how I had been reeled in without a second thought. We are all ‘sold’ these products as making our lives easier, being the best at cleaning, the best price, the must-have to keep your home clean but in actual fact, it’s not true at all.

These products contain chemicals which can harm the waterways, animals and your skin. They are packaged in plastic, they don’t always clean the best and they certainly are not cheap when you compare them to making your own cleaners or air fresheners at home using natural ingredients and this is precisely why I decided to embark on making as many of my own as I could. Here is how to make a natural homemade surface cleaner.

You Will Need:

Cooled boiled water

Empty spray bottle

White vinegar

Essential oils (I like lavender for the kitchen but the choice is yours)

my homemade surface cleaner with lavender oil next to it


The Method:

Take your empty spray bottle and half fill it with your cooled boiled water.

Fill the rest of the bottle with white vinegar.

Add 10-15 drops of essential oils.

Give it a good shake…

And it is ready to use! (don’t forget your reusable cloth)

Feel free to save, print and laminate this graphic to keep as a reference at home.

homemade surface cleaner graphic

For more eco cleaning graphics visit my eco cleaning tips page here.

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