homemade natural toilet bombs in a jar with some sat outside of it

How To Make Natural Toilet Bombs

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Cleaning my home more naturally is really important to me, firstly because I want to rid my home of chemicals and secondly because I want to reduce my plastic waste down as much as I can. This has led me to go down the route of making my own cleaners and so far, so good! My latest homemade challenge was to create some toilet bombs which would naturally clean my toilet with very little effort from me… And it turned out to be very, very simple and very effective! Here is how to make natural toilet bombs. Continue reading “How To Make Natural Toilet Bombs”

homemade window cleaner

How To Make A Natural Homemade Window Cleaner

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If you have been following me for a while, you will know that my eco journey has gone down a lot of paths. From switching out disposables to finding the best reusables, reducing my plastic, looking at my carbon footprint and just recently, making my own household cleaners. I have already covered how to make a natural homemade surface cleaner so my next how-to is my natural homemade window cleaner. Continue reading “How To Make A Natural Homemade Window Cleaner”

homemade surface cleaner

How To Make A Natural Homemade Surface Cleaner

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When I began my eco journey I knew I wanted to make a difference wherever and however I could. It started quite small but has since blossomed into a big project which provides me with lots of fun challenges. Plastic waste and chemicals are 2 areas that I have focussed on quite a lot and when I was looking under my kitchen sink I was astonished by how I had been reeled in without a second thought. We are all ‘sold’ these products as making our lives easier, being the best at cleaning, the best price, the must-have to keep your home clean but in actual fact, it’s not true at all. Continue reading “How To Make A Natural Homemade Surface Cleaner”

the e cloth range on the bathroom window sill next to a plant

Review | Eco Cleaning with E-Cloth

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I really do like a clean house but I really detest having to use chemicals. I have become far more aware of the amount most people use every single day around their homes and this not only affects the environment but can also affect your health, your children’s and any pets you may own too. I’ve recently been making my own cleaning products in order to steer clear of all of these toxins but then e-cloth got in touch with me and told me they had cloths that enabled you to clean using only water!! Yes, just water. Continue reading “Review | Eco Cleaning with E-Cloth”

vegan dish washing soap block

Review | Vegan Dish Washing Block

In my constant quest to find products that are both eco-friendly, animal-friendly and plastic-free I am always excited when I see other people using new items on Instagram. When I saw a few posts on a vegan dish washing block I knew I had to give it a go because the washing up liquid was one of the last plastic-filled items on my kitchen worktop. I purchased the block back in September ’19 but wanted to be able to give you a good review of it over time rather than a rushed one over a couple of weeks or so. Continue reading “Review | Vegan Dish Washing Block”