Review | Beeutiful Valentine’s Day Gift Box

Beeutiful Valentine's Day Gift Box

I really love Valentine’s Day, I love the fact that we celebrate loving one another and I love that myself and my husband always make the effort to have a nice dinner at home, followed by profiteroles and he always buys me wine and flowers. What I don’t like about the day is the abundance of tacky presents in the stores, the giant teddies, the heart-shaped balloons and generally anything that’s a bit cringe.

I love the personal touch. I think if you are going to give a gift it should be well thought about, it should mean something and it should be useful.

So, when I received a beautiful package through the post the other day from Beeutiful Skincare I was not only surprised but extremely happy to see a Valentine’s Day gift box full of fantastic products which are not only perfect for the day but also aimed at being a gift for both a man and a woman.

Beeutiful skincare valentines day gift box open showing the products

Containing a heart-shaped beeswax candle, honey lip-balm, B-balm and a refreshing and antiseptic foot balm the Valentine’s day gift box is a great mix of just some of her amazing products.

If you are new to following my blog I should add that I have supported Carly from Beeutiful for the last few years. After meeting her at a networking event, I fell in love with her homemade, honey and beeswax products and I have continued to use them and recommend them to people. In the past, I have reviewed several items including the B-balm and lip-balm in this box and also the luxurious Vanilla Geranium Cleansing Balm and am now very proud to be able to her brand ambassador.

The Valentine’s Day Gift Box Review

I am always very quick to start using the products from Beeutiful because I do get genuinely excited with each delivery and over her new innovations.

As I already know how well her lip balm and B-balm work I dove straight in and began testing the foot balm. I have a real thing about having my feet rubbed, I love it! I like going for pedicures and reflexology and I am always asking the hubby for a foot massage… much to his annoyance! But to me, your feet are so important. They work so hard for you each day and I think they deserve to be looked after.

Now, I have a new problem. I’m not sure if it is age, lack of rest, something to do with hormones after becoming a Mum? But the skin on my poor feet is becoming hard, terribly hard and I hate it! I need a solution.

The foot balm contains ingredients including organic olive oil, cocoa butter, beeswax, mango butter and peppermint just to name a few, so you can imagine how moisturising this product is for your dry skin.

As I started to apply the balm it did initially feel a bit greasy and it took a while of working it around for it to start sinking in but once my skin began to take it, it was as though it was downing a huge glass of water after a long day in the sun! I suddenly had to apply more to keep the movement going and to continue to feed the really hard areas (sorry, I know it sounds yuck but it’s true).

I then popped some fluffy socks on to enable the rest of the balm to be absorbed and when I took them off a couple of hours later my feet felt amazing. They were smoother and less swollen. Win!

I continued to use it for the rest of the week, just rubbing it in quickly in the morning to the harder skin and treating myself in the evening when I had the time.

the jar of foot balm with the lid off

I have hardly used any which means it is going to last me quite a while.

The B-balm is an item that we now use almost daily in our home. Not only does it solve almost every skin problem, such as eczema patches on both of our sons and also reduces the appearance of scars, we use it on nappy rash caused by teething too. In each case, the problems are cleared up within 2-3 days and every time I am left astounded. The power of honey is something that has started to become more utilised and has been talked about so much more in the news just lately, especially around using it to help sore throats instead of medicines, so I truly believe it has almost limitless uses.

The lip balm is ultra-hydrating and leaves my lips soft and supple all day. I used to apply vaseline over and over again and never realised it was because it was actually damaging my skin. I now refuse to buy the stuff and only have Beeutiful lip balm in my handbag.

The heart-shaped candle smells beautifully of beeswax and is a lovely extra touch in the box. I look forward to lighting it on Valentine’s night itself, I couldn’t bring myself to ruin it beforehand.

The products are all homemade and eco-friendly, as is the packaging it comes in. A brown cardboard box and shredded red paper inside which is so simple, yet so pretty and effective.

Beeutiful Valentine's Day gift box

Honestly, I cannot recommend this brand enough. Not only because her products work but also because I support small, local businesses as well as anything that will help to protect our environment.

Please do go and take a browse over on her website to see what else she has in store and consider a natural Valentine’s Day gift that you can both enjoy this year.

*I am a brand ambassador for Beeutiful Skincare and I received this valentine’s day gift box in exchange for an honest review. My opinions remain honest and my own. For further information on this please refer to my disclosure page.

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