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12 Eco-Friendly Must-Haves for University

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It’s that time of year when uni prep is underway and, as a parent, you don’t know whether to cheer or cry. It’s a busy and emotional time. But what items have been packed and ticked off that list? Are any eco-friendly at all? The great thing about choosing more environmentally sound products is that it is better for the planet as well as your wallet… Something every uni student has to keep a close eye on! I could probably waffle on for far too long listing amazing eco products that you could consider but I’ll keep this short and sweet so as not to overwhelm and if you get on with these why not check out the 55 reusables I mention in this previous blog too? But for now, let’s look at my top 12 eco-friendly must-haves for university…

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The Eco-Friendly Choice: Cloth Nappies for Newborns

Welcoming a newborn into your family is a joyous occasion, but it also comes with its fair share of responsibilities and choices to make. One decision many parents are considering these days is whether to use disposable or cloth nappies for their little ones. While disposables may seem as though they are more convenient, cloth nappies do also come with convenience factors such as never running out and being more cost-effective which can be often overlooked. They have gained more popularity of late due to their eco-friendly nature but honestly, there is so much more to a cloth nappy than that. Let’s explore why cloth nappies are a great choice for newborns, covering their environmental impact, cost-effectiveness, and practicality.

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September Gardening Jobs

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The warm summer days are slowly giving way to cooler temperatures and that autumnal feel is just beginning to creep in meaning change is afoot, time to give your garden a little bit of care. By being proactive and tending to set garden jobs each month you will be preparing your outdoor space for a good growing period the following year, so, let’s look at the essential September gardening jobs that you could be getting on with right now…

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Sustainability and Recycling Potential of Aluminium Composite Materials

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Aluminium Composite Materials (ACM) is a modern marvel in the world of construction and manufacturing. They consist of two aluminium cover sheets bonded to a core, usually made of polyethene, a type of plastic.

Due to their durability, lightweight nature, and aesthetic versatility, ACMs are extensively used in various applications, including building facades, signage, and interiors. But in an age increasingly dominated by sustainability concerns, how do ACMs measure up? This article delves into the sustainability and recycling potential of Aluminium Composite Materials.

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How Public Transport is Becoming More Sustainable

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By 2041, the London mayor wants 80 per cent of all trips in the capital to be made on foot, by cycle or on public transport. Because of this aim, everything from electric buses to connectivity to ticketing is being revamped as the capital and other UK cities face up to the public transport revolution.

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Sustainability at the Root of 21st Century Home-Design

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Certain industries tend to contribute disproportionately to our collective carbon emissions. Construction is certainly one of them. Not only do we need to worry about the emissions associated with building the house (firing bricks, making concrete, transporting everything to the site and then assembling), but we also need to think about the emissions that the building might make (or avoid making) over its lifespan.

Given that green concerns are fast rising to the top of the agenda for voters, consumers, and homebuyers in particular, anything that can be done to make construction more efficient is going to pay dividends in the long term. Efficiency matters now, more than ever before. Let’s take a look at sustainability when it comes to home design.

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How to Incorporate Sustainability Into Your Everyday Style

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In recent years, climate change has become an ever-pressing concern. Glaciers are melting, weather patterns are shifting, and natural habitats are rapidly declining. Amidst all these environmental changes, an unexpected industry contributes significantly to the problem: the fashion world, specifically, fast fashion. Fast fashion refers to cheaply produced and priced garments that mimic the latest fashion trends. While these pieces may seem affordable and stylish in the short term, they have an overwhelming environmental and ethical cost. But fear not fashionistas! By making conscious choices, you can incorporate sustainability into your everyday style without compromising your look.

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