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The BEST Eco-Friendly Homemade Toilet Cleaner You Will Try

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Cleaning a toilet the eco-friendly way can have its challenges. If you are anything like past me, you have probably always grabbed that bottle of bleach to get that clean look/sparkle/fresh smell but it really isn’t doing everything you think it is PLUS it is terrible for the environment. It took me a while to realise but once I knew, I made the changes I needed in order to make my home more eco-friendly. Trouble was, I couldn’t find a product that gave me the clean my toilet needed (not with 2 young boys in the house!). So, I started to look into making my own products. One fun product I made, which you may have seen on my blog before, are toilet bombs. They combine the power of citric acid and bicarb to create an easy to use fizzing “bomb” that will do all the hard work for you. Now, I do love these but they do take some time and practise to make and as a busy Mum, I don’t have much time! So, I needed to come up with something else. Something quick, something easy, something that worked just as well… I came up with something that in fact worked better! My eco-friendly homemade toilet cleaner and this is how you make it:

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What an Ethical Approach to Family Travel Should Look Like

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Today, more and more people are looking to travel in a way that’s ethical and eco-friendly. But what should that look like when you’re taking a trip overseas with your family? Wanting to travel ethically and actually doing it are two very different things, and if you’re not sure where to start, the guide below should be able to provide you with the information you need, so read on now.

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a beeswax wrap being placed over a large red bowl

Are Beeswax Wraps Really Worth It?

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We all want to reduce our plastic waste, don’t we? But with so many options now available to us, I know how tricky it can be to whittle out the good from the bad. As somebody who has used quite a few food coverings/storage over the last few years, I can definitely say that I have thoroughly tried and tested them so in this article I’m going to let you know whether or not beeswax wraps are really worth it.

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frog in a pond in a wildlife garden

7 Ways To Attract Wildlife To Your Garden

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Having more wildlife in your garden isn’t just nice to see but is also great for the environment and the ecosystems in your area. The more we look after them, the more they will reward us with their presence. So, if like me, you want to see more cute critters coming to your outdoor space, try some of these tips to attract wildlife to your garden…

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We are all very aware that we need to reduce waste, cut our carbon footprint and reduce our meat intake in order to do our bit for the planet but did you know that your pets could help with this too?!

Yes, that’s right even our pets contribute towards global warming. In the UK alone we are reported to own around 12 million pets – that’s 44% of us who own a pet of some variety, so what exactly does this look like in terms of emissions?

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one child giving another a piggy back with the sunlight behind them at golden hour

Talking To Children About Climate Change and The Environment

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As parents, one of the biggest things we face is talking to our children about important topics. These little people are living in a different world to the one we all grew up in, a more progressive one, a more accepting one, a more open one but we also have to remember that they will be the ones who will be impacted by decisions made both in the past and right now, most notably ones that involve climate change and other environmental issues. There is a lot of talk of being net-zero carbon by 2030/2050 (depending on who is speaking) and this may seem like a long way off to you but when you stop and think about how old your children will be by those years, it can feel pretty scary. In 2050 my eldest will be 37 (younger than I am now). He could be witnessing an increase in extreme weather patterns, an increase in worldwide bushfires, rising sea levels taking out areas of particular countries, more migration of people as they seek somewhere safe to live, poorer air conditions, extinction of more species, all at a time when he should really be enjoying life and having children of his own. A future like this seems bleak, doesn’t it? But if we can make change happen now, if we can speak to our children about these issues and help them to understand the solutions and get them to grow up to take a stand, then things could be so good for them as well as for all other species on our planet. So, how do you go about this without making it all doom and gloom or worrying them? I promise it can be done and here are a few ways that may be able to help you with talking to children about climate change…

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Nordgreen watch

Review | Nordgreen Sustainable Watch

Do you know what? I haven’t worn a watch since before having my children! I always used to wear one but the clasp kept getting snagged on things and I didn’t want to hurt their little gentle skin on the cold strap when they were tiny. Checking the time seemed to somehow naturally shift to constantly checking my mobile phone but I must admit that gets really tiresome especially if you don’t always want to have your phone on you. A simple solution would be to now go back to wearing a watch but with sustainability being a really important factor for me, I wanted to ensure I could find a brand that ticked all of my boxes. Nordgreen is one such company who have not only created a sleek and stylish range of sustainable and vegan watches for both men and women but who are also passionate about the impact they have on our planet. They sent me a women’s watch from their Infinity range and this is my review.

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