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Simple Strategies For Greener Living

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More and more of us are keen to go green and do our bit to protect the planet. It’s understandable to think that small changes won’t make a difference, but if everyone adjusted their lifestyle, the impact would be incredible. If you’re looking for simple, achievable ways to embrace greener living, here are some strategies to try today.  Continue reading “Simple Strategies For Greener Living”

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My First 6 Months As A Vegetarian

I did it. I made up my mind and at the start of the year, I just went for it. I became a vegetarian. It is something that has always been in my mind because I love animals but as a fussy eater, as somebody who was brought up on meat and not having anyone in my immediate family who was a vegetarian it just wasn’t the norm when I was growing up. And I think that is the problem with a lot of things in life, isn’t it? We just follow what the norm is. If somebody had said to me that the only way for me to eat meat was to kill it myself, I would have become a vegetarian years ago but it’s all made too easy for us. We go to the shop, there it is all packaged up, not resembling an animal whatsoever and we end up being completely detached from where our food comes from and the processes it has to go through to end up on our shelves. Continue reading “My First 6 Months As A Vegetarian”

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How Your Electricals Could Be Significantly Increasing Your Carbon Footprint

We are all very aware that we need to reduce our carbon emissions and most people will think of this and assume you only do it by flying less, driving less, by purchasing more local items and cutting out meat, and yes, all of those are true but it goes so much further than this. You see, every time you use something that uses power, that stores data, that takes and doesn’t give back, it all adds to your carbon footprint. In this article, I am going to show you how your electricals could be increasing your carbon footprint and how you can make some simple changes to improve on this. Continue reading “How Your Electricals Could Be Significantly Increasing Your Carbon Footprint”

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12 Fun Home Learning Activities To Teach Your Kids About Environmental Issues

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Talking to your kids about environmental issues may seem like a tricky task. There is so much you could delve into, there are a lot of facts and figures plus there are some topics which may be upsetting. As much as it is important to raise these issues with them, it is also vital that you do it in a way that is interesting, fun and will have a lasting effect… In the right way, of course! Here are my own fun home learning activities which will help to teach your kids (and you too) about environmental issues whilst also finding things that you could do as family to help to improve them.

Continue reading “12 Fun Home Learning Activities To Teach Your Kids About Environmental Issues”

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Why I Haven’t Missed Shopping During Lockdown

Just before lockdown hit the shops were inundated with people panic buying food and toilet rolls (nope we still don’t quite know why!), I went out to grab all we needed for home schooling and questioned if I had enough, we had no idea how we would all manage or how well stocked supermarkets would be and the unknown about how long this would go on for had a lot of us worried. But nobody really needed to panic, did they? As I write this, 12 weeks have passed. We have managed a full supermarket shop each week with no trouble, our milk was still delivered by our milkman, the pet shops were open for those supplies and guess what? I didn’t care one bit that I couldn’t go clothes shopping even with the kids growing out of things. So, what changed me and what does this now mean for the future? Continue reading “Why I Haven’t Missed Shopping During Lockdown”

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7 Air Purifying Plants That Will Help To Improve Your Home

Did you know that the air quality inside of your home can be just as bad as outside? Pollution can enter via doors, windows or vents, it can even be brought in on your clothing. Cleaning products can inject chemicals into the air as well as onto your furnishings and these can linger without you even realising. Dust particles and pet hair can also cause problems for breathing. If your health hasn’t been the best and you believe this is linked to your home environment Continue reading “7 Air Purifying Plants That Will Help To Improve Your Home”

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6 Fantastic Books That Will Teach Your Kids About Environmental Issues

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Teaching our children about environmental issues is crucial in order for us to be able to continue making a difference in the world. They are the most probably going to be the changemakers after all of this damage that previous generations have made and by highlighting the current problems we are dealing with, they will have a greater understanding about why and how they can look after our planet. But how do you go about teaching them in a simple, safe, yet effective way? One of the ways we have been exploring this as a family is by reading books on environmental topics which are aimed at children and we have found 6 fantastic ones that are perfect for a variety of age groups. Continue reading “6 Fantastic Books That Will Teach Your Kids About Environmental Issues”