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Climate change: Why and how should we protect our ecosystems?

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Biodiversity needs to be protected. The benefits natural species bring to society are vast: they essentially provide us with everything we need, including food, air, and fresh water.

But natural environments and their inhabitants are in jeopardy. As of 2022, around 14% of ground-dwelling species face a high risk of extinction. And if temperatures continue to increase, the risk of extinction could double.

We’ve outlined a few of the causes and consequences of rising temperatures below and how we should protect our ecosystems.

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20 Of The Best Wildlife and Environmental Documentaries For Kids

Teaching our children about the environment and wildlife in an interesting yet child-friendly way is really important and luckily there are now plenty of documentaries available to watch to help with this. From wildlife to sealife, plant life and pollution, nature and eco innovations there is a documentary out there to cater for all and in this article I have brought you some of the best to choose from.

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who gives a crap review

Who Gives a Crap Recycled Toilet Paper Review

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When we first started to make eco-swaps within our home one area that I knew we needed to make big changes in was the bathroom. With products coming in plastic bottles, plastic tubes, and single-use plastics used for wrapping, it was an environmental nightmare. And so I began my research into more eco-friendly items, how to reduce our plastic use and how to choose more sustainable products. Once you begin to learn what is available, it feels so simple and with more and more ethical and eco products being developed making these swaps has never been easier. One such simple swap was our move to plastic-free, recycled toilet paper. It sounds so basic, doesn’t it? But choosing to regularly avoid plastic and virgin materials can have such a big positive impact on our environment and switching to Who Gives a Crap toilet paper allows you to be more sustainable, effortlessly.

Having now been using this brand for the last 4 years I thought it was about time that I gave you an honest Who Gives a Crap review.

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a lady getting a facial

Going Green with Beauty

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It might not seem like a bottle of foundation or a monthly hair-dying session could do any lasting damage to our environment, but it turns out that beauty, like most other industries, is affecting the natural world in a negative way.

This is because we have shifted away from all-natural products to chemically enhanced, packaged products that not only wreak havoc on our skin but also leave a carbon footprint that we all must take into account. A greener ritual doesn’t have to mean a huge overhaul; by simply buying environmentally conscious products and vegan alternatives you can be making your first steps towards a greener beauty routine.

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LED lighting

Why Sustainable LED Lighting is the Future

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Halogen, CFL, and incandescent light bulbs are energy inefficient, release harmful amounts of mercury into the atmosphere, and contribute significantly to greenhouse gases. However thanks to the wonders of sustainable LED lighting solutions, these traditional light bulbs are rapidly becoming a thing of the past and LEDs and taking over.

Here, we delve into why sustainable LED lighting is the future.

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a baby in a green reusable nappy

Why Do My Cloth Nappies Stink?!

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When it comes to cloth nappies there can always be a few stumbling blocks to overcome. Topics that often come up include wash routines, leaks, fitting cloth nappies and a biggie, why do my cloth nappies stink?! Unfortunately, yes every now and then cloth nappy problems happen but thankfully there is always an answer (or several) and often a lovely cloth nappy Facebook group, retailer or cloth parent on hand to help. I have previously written about washing cloth nappies but as we know, sometimes things change, children get ill, teething happens and they can end up stinking. Let’s delve deeper into this issue…

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Being More Sustainable in Your Clothing Purchases: 6 Simple Practices

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There is a lot to consider when we think about sustainability in terms of our clothing choices. You may be someone that has more of a DIY mindset and likes to fix up your clothes, but to be fashionable and sustainable in your purchases is easier than ever. So let’s show you some ways to be your stylish self while also benefiting the planet. Here’s a few tips on how to make better sustainable clothing purchases:

Choose Your Supplier

The most important thing we can all do is to buy from better brands, which can spill into every other aspect of our lives. It’s not just about the clothes or the shoes, you can buy sustainable body jewellery as well. The mantra in eco-friendly circles is “buy less and buy better.” Before you make any purchase, you need to understand if the supplier is the right one according to their environmentally friendly practices. When you support designers who promote sustainability, this can greatly narrow your search, making life a lot easier. 

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