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At this current time, most of the world is in lockdown due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Here in the UK, we have been carrying this out for around 5 weeks and I am sure that many people are forgetting to take care of themselves. It can be difficult to put yourself first, especially if you have to juggle homeschooling with working from home, if you have a constant stream of mess to tidy up around the house and if your mental health is struggling through isolating yourself from others. So what can you do? In order to be able to take care of everybody else, you must try and give yourself some time and self-care and this is the message that both myself and Orsú Radiance want to spread. You still deserve to pamper yourself, to grab that soak in the bath and you really do need to take that ‘me time’ even if you can only do so for a short moment. With all of this hand washing, staying inside and stress, I expect your skin is dry, dehydrated and bit luck-lustre I know mine has been– which is why Orsú offered to help me to nourish it again with some of their homemade, sustainably sourced, eco-friendly skincare products and to provide you with an honest review on them all.

About Orsú Radiance

The Orsú range has all been scientifically and organically created by the owner Elisa. Her aim was to produce skincare products that are not only great for nourishing your skin but also kind to our environment. All of the Orsú products contain marigold (Calendula Officinalis) oil. The oil is infused by Elisa for two months, during which the organic marigold flowers release their properties into the organic sunflower oil to provide a rich natural oil for your skin which is perfect for everyday use.

Not only this but she also wanted to provide packaging that could be composted or recycled which means that each product will not have leftover waste that will be sent to landfill.

The Products

In my self-care package, I received 2 Marigold Bath Balls, Marigold Balm, Marigold Oil and the Marigold Lip Balm which all customers are kindly being sent for free at the moment as a special gift to help them through this period.

Orsú radiance products for review

Marigold Bath Balls

These amazing smelling bath bombs may be small in size but you certainly cannot underestimate them! As I dropped one into the bath it fizzed and dissolved quickly, leaving a lovely aroma and marigold petals floating on the surface. I couldn’t feel anything when I was sat in the bath (apart from relaxed) but once out and dried, my skin was super soft and smooth. The oils had been absorbed whilst I soaked and my legs, in particular, were noticeably hydrated.

Orsú Marigold balls

Marigold Balm

This rich balm has multiple uses which makes it an investment beauty product that can replace a lot of your other ones. It can be used all over the body as a moisturiser– I have been using it on my face and neck to give it some much-needed nourishment from being stuck inside the house. It can also be used to cleanse your face with water or makeup removal pads and can be applied as a massage balm to help to soothe aching muscles. This balm smells luscious and you need the smallest amount to get great results. I kept taking far too much the first few days and I was having to wipe away the excess as the oils sat on the top of my skin. Literally a tiny pinch on your finger is enough to smooth all over giving you an even hydrated look. I haven’t worn much makeup of late but I decided to make myself feel better the other day and applied some foundation, powder and concealer over the top of the balm. I found that my foundation glided across my face and I was left with a lovely glow. I have very dehydrated/combination skin on my face anyway, so I always need to keep it well moisturised, so for me, this product is perfect for feeding it. If you have dry skin, this would really help, however, if you have greasy skin, this may be a little too oily for you.

orsu balm in its wrap

The balm comes wrapped in compostable paper and in small quantities in order for it to preserve its fragrance and freshness. My only criticism of this would be that I found it a little messy when opening and closing the paper. It is fiddly to do when you are in a rush so I think that moving it to a reusable aluminium pot or something similar would be more convenient if you are a busy, on the go Mum like me.

“The marigold balm is hand made with only few, organic ingredients, known for millennia for their skin nourishing properties and safety.  The balm’s key ingredient is the Orsu marigold oil, macerated for 2 months respecting the old recipe for extracting the active compounds from the organic marigold flowers”

Orsú Radiance Website

Marigold Oil

The Marigold Oil can also be used for quite a lot of beauty purposes. It can be used to help with skin conditions such as eczema flair ups, for dry or irritated skin, for massage purposes, as an antiseptic or for helping to reduce stretch marks. What I first loved about this oil was the fact that it came in a glass bottle with a pipette. Oil can be so messy and it is so easy to tip a bottle up and get far too much out. The use of a pipette means that you can easily see how much you applying and can adjust that accordingly.

Orsú marigold oil

The second thing I loved was how well it worked. My hands have been so incredibly dry from all of the washing I’ve had to do. My knuckles have become so irritated and painful and each cream I apply just sits on top. The oil is different. It works into your skin almost immediately, providing the hydration it needs and relieving the tightness. By the time it comes to washing your hands again, it has already been absorbed, meaning you aren’t washing the product away. I noticed such a difference after just a few days use.

the oil pipette

My hand before and after

“Marigold oil supports the healing process of a variety of skin issues in the whole body: dermatitis, eczema, burns, irritations, cuts, bites and ulcers. This is due to its cell-stimulating property combined with its antibacterial and antifungal properties”

Orsú Radiance Website

We also used the oil for a massage as I always have tight shoulder and back muscles. My husband is often roped in with helping to loosen these and the oil worked lovely for this. It warms nicely in your hands, it spreads evenly and easily and again, you can gauge how much you require with the use of the pipette. I can see this lasting a long time.

Marigold Lip Balm

If you suffer from incredibly dry lips, I don’t think you will find a more moisturising lip balm than this one. Containing coconut butter, marigold oil, beeswax and orange essential oil it is just so rich. As with the balm, you need so little of it. I applied it far too liberally the first time and ended up having to wipe it off. The oils are just so effective and a tiny slither across the bottom lips is more than enough to do the job. Just rub your lips together and you get a good coverage.

Orsú marigold lipbalm

I only ever had to apply this once in the morning to achieve all-day moisturisation. This is also the very first lip balm I have come across that has come in recyclable or compostable paper.

the lip balm in its packaging showing how easy it is to pop it up

Compostable Packaging

As I have mentioned throughout, the packaging is all compostable and as I purchased a compost bin last year I was eager to pop the packages in and see what happens. I will have to keep you updated and I will update this post as most items like these take between 8-12 weeks to really begin to breakdown but I am really excited to watch this process happen.

Overall Thoughts

All of these products get a positive end review from me as each do an amazing job, they are long-lasting, eco-friendly, zero-waste and natural. They have been carefully crafted and I love the fact that the company stands for so much that I (and many of you) do.

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*I received these products in exchange for an honest review and posts on social media. As always all opinions are my own, for further information please refer to my disclosure page.

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  1. Wow, this is definitely the kind of product I need for my dry skin! and I love how eco-friendly they are, so will check them out soon!

  2. These products sound amazing! Particularly interested in the lip balm, my lips have gotten drier with the warmer weather and I’m yet to find a lip balm that actually works – I’ve never tried herbal/natural products.

  3. This sounds like a fantastic product, my skin has been so dry since lockdown. I’m not sure why it’s changed so much but I don’t like it! I love that the packaging is compostable! Brilliant!

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