Ziggle Leggings and Socks Review PLUS Giveaway!!

ziggle leggings and socks review

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I recently attended a blogging conference in Manchester which not only held amazing sessions to help us to learn more about certain aspects of the job, it also provided an opportunity for brands and PR’s to connect with us all and I was lucky enough to meet Nicole from Ziggle. I was immediately drawn to all of the gorgeous baby products and accessories on her stall but when I saw funky raccoon leggings I was in love! I also thought you guys would love this range too which is why I wanted to collaborate with Ziggle in order to bring together a review combined with a giveaway for you all.

The Leggings

These finely knitted leggings are perfect for active babies and toddlers because it is clear to see that the material just moves with them. They easily stretched to go on which means that dressing your child is far quicker than if you have to faff with tight jeans, fastenings or pull strings etc. William is always on the go and I don’t want a trouser that will restrict him, will hinder his walking or will fall down from his waist. I want comfort, cuteness, easy to put on and of course, something that will easily accommodate his cloth nappies.

William walking on a gravel path with his back to us wearing the Ziggle raccoon leggings

The leggings are just gorgeous to look at which is a huge bonus for me (and for others who spotted him) but it was also very important for them to fulfil all of our needs so we decided to put the Ricky Raccoon leggings to the ultimate test and went out for the day. This included a 40-minute car journey, walking on different terrains, going in the baby carrier and getting up to his usual toddler mischief!

It was very clear that the leggings being soft and figure-hugging really helped him to happily move, whether that was walking, climbing, crawling or crouching down. 

William crouching down on a gravel path picking up stones

The ribbed waistband and ankles kept the leggings completely in place the entire time and the gusset on the bum housed his big fluff bum perfectly!

William stood looking at the camera holding stones

We walked on grass, on a gravel path, over wooden bridges and even up a woodland path and he managed to go a lot of the way without being in the carrier. He was obviously very comfortable in his new leggings and had no rubbing, he also wasn’t too warm in them even though it was a very mild day. Being made from 80% cotton they are still very breathable even though they feel thicker than standard leggings. 

Mum and baby on a bridge looking over at boats

With all of that activity, they withstood the battering from crawling on a gravel ground and running around, sitting on this wooden bridge and falling over quite a few times! I was really impressed with how good they still looked by the end of the day. And I will never get tired of seeing people’s beaming smiles when they clock his raccoon bum!

William with his back to us on a gravel path wearing his ricky raccoon leggings


The Socks

We were also asked to try out some of the animal-themed socks that Ziggle have to offer. We chose the Kimmi Koala And Marley Monkey designs.

ziggle socks 2 pairs one koala one monkey

With their bright colours, cute images and gripped soles, they just seemed the perfect socks for a busy toddler. Just like the leggings, these are 80% cotton and easily stretch to fit a child’s foot. I particularly liked these grips because we have oak flooring and lino throughout our downstairs and it can often cause William to slip if he is wearing normal socks. 

the bottom of the socks with the grip

Both products are machine washable and both came out still in great condition after the first wash. The leggings retail at £10 a pair and there is a wide range of styles available in sizes 6-12 months or 12-24 months. The socks retail at £5 for 2 pairs and there are other buying options available as well as other styles which come in sizes 6-12 months, 12-18 months and 18-24 months. To see everything that Ziggle have and to view the other styles head on over to their website.

However, I can offer one lucky winner a pair of Ziggle leggings to win! Just enter the competition below and you can choose which style you’d like for your own child. Terms and conditions apply, please see those in box below.

Good Luck!!

Ziggle Leggings Giveaway

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*we were gifted these products in exchange for a full review and to run this giveaway. As always all opinions remain honest and my own. For further information please refer to my disclosure page.

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