Teething: It’s Just as Bad The Second Time Around!

teething baby with finger in his mouth

I may have previously mentioned my hate of teething in my blog posts… and in my book! I remember during Jake’s teething time, being immersed in this world of pain, sleepless nights, dribble, sickness and unhappiness (both of us) yet somehow, I blocked it out. It may have taken 2 years but I had finally left the teething stress behind. I guess it’s a bit like childbirth, isn’t it? They say women forget it quickly which is why they go on to have more children, otherwise, no one would! Well, I have hit that point with teething. It’s back, I had forgotten how bad it could be and it is all coming flooding back, urghhhhh…

Chewing and Biting

William started his teething signs the same way Jake did, gnawing on his fist. This has become his standard look for the last few weeks and now nothing is safe. My fingers (and nips!) are his favourite thing to chew on even though we have countless toys and teething aids! Always the way isn’t it? Even though the incisors are usually the first to come, he seems to be finding chewing away at the back is the most satisfying and as his mouth is still so small my finger is the perfect chew toy.


Oh god, the dribble. I can cope with so many bodily fluids but I’ve never been good with the excess dribble. It gets everywhere… on me, on clothes, on toys, on furniture, in his little neck rolls, causing yucky issues underneath. Jake wasn’t quite so bad with the dribbling but William is already going through 2 bibs a day as well as changes of clothes because he is soaking himself.


Some people may not associate sickness with teething but that excess saliva has to go somewhere and if it isn’t down his front, it is down his throat. It then causes upset tummies and with an already refluxy baby, it makes the sickness even worse!


With all this sickness and dribble I am doing even more loads of washing than I was before. I keep forgetting to put it all on so he keeps running out of clothes, as do I, and then I keep running out of drying space! It’s a vicious teething cycle! (Pun intended!)

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teething it's just as bad the second time around


Comfort Feeding

My poor boobs, they really are taking a battering now during this teething process. Every night the teething fairy bitch comes for a visit (why is it always nighttime?!) So, from 3am onwards all the baby wants to do is suckle away to reduce the pain, even though I have already given Nurofen, teething granules and applied gel. It just seems that nighttime is cursed.

Lack of Sleep

It’s ok for the baby, he can make up for his sleep in the day. What about us parents eh? If it’s your second baby there is no sleep when the baby sleeps, it’s more like drink plenty of tea, eat a ton of sugary snacks and keep building that Lego tower!!

Teething Nappies

If you’ve never seen a teething poo you are in for a real treat! You think your baby poo’s often now? Wait until that saliva works it’s way through, you will be seeing the worst nappies and even more frequently… you’re welcome!


If you think your baby can scream when they are hungry, you will be shocked when they howl in pain from a tooth. My word, I didn’t think William had it in him but he can scream and cry the house down! It’s just horrendous to hear him in that much pain and it breaks my heart seeing his tiny tears streaming down his face. I will never get used to this part and those health practitioners who claim that teething doesn’t hurt can bite me coz if these screams aren’t pain I would love for them to explain to me what they actually are!

Teething is real, teething is a big issue and it doesn’t get any easier the second time around even with all my knowledge!

Parents you are not imagining it, those symptoms are happening, they are linked and teething does suck!

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