Does Amber Jewellery Actually Work For Teething?

baby on a sofa wearing an amber jewellery anklet

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This is one of those questions I am asked very often; Does Amber Jewellery actually work for teething? And I can only be honest. For us, yes it has worked but I have heard that for others it hasn’t but I think that is just the way for all teething remedies.

But why?

Now, when it comes to teething remedies, we all know that not every product works for every baby, for example, everybody was raving about Ashton and Parsons teething granules yet they did absolutely nothing for Jake’s symptoms. Others’ babies were apparently chilled and calmer, sleeping better and I was promised they were like magic but they had no effect whatsoever for him. We all know that every baby is different and some remedies will work for some little ones yet just simply won’t for others.

All the Remedies

With my first baby, I tried every remedy that was recommended to me, I was desperate for help, to find him some relief and for sleep again!! Yet, other than alternating Calpol and Nurofen, there wasn’t anything else that helped. Granules did nothing, teething toys were thrown to one side, he hated anything chilled in his mouth, teething gel was licked away far too quickly and the doctors had no answers. I needed to find something that would work for him.

Amber Jewellery

I’d heard of amber jewellery and like so many others, at first, I was sceptical. I thought it was all a bit hippy-dippy and was reluctant to put jewellery on my child. However, after lots of research, I was amazed to hear that parents were reporting great results and so I ordered an amber anklet for him to try.

The Results

At the point of ordering his anklet, Jake’s molars were trying to come through and he was in agony. He was really dribbly, he wasn’t sleeping well at all at night and was waking around 5:30 am every morning screaming in pain. He’d been bad through the entire teething process because he teethed early and quickly (16 teeth by 13 months!) So I was very used to his discomfort but we had hit an all-time low with the molars rumbling under the gums.

The anklet worked almost immediately. The first noticeable sign was the reduction in his dribbling which was such a relief to both of us. All of the washing and trying to keep him dry was hard work and he had started to develop a rash down his face and neck which was so sore and uncomfortable for him.

After a few days, we then began to see him behaving far more relaxed and even sleeping much better. Now, I know there will be the cynics reading this who will think it was a coincidence or even a placebo but after seeing how he had been and then to see this gradual change was really significant to us. I still knew that his teeth were causing issues and that he wasn’t completely ‘cured’ yet he was most definitely showing improvement. No, it wasn’t a miracle cure, nothing is, but it was the best remedy we had found that worked for Jake.

He wore his anklet all day and night as it is safer to be worn in bed under socks or baby grows (necklaces and bracelets shouldn’t be worn at night due to the obvious issues). And he went on to wear this until all of his teeth erupted and his pain was over.

The Second Child

Now, as I said above, every child is different. William teethed later, he has actually always got his teeth 2 at a time, he has loved biting on hard teething products, loved cool cucumber for some relief and teething gel has also worked for him. However, as I loved amber for Jake, I went ahead and bought an anklet for William too. I decided to buy him his own as I liked the idea of them having one each, plus Jake’s one was far too big to fit William. I opted for a coloured amber anklet basically because I liked the look of it. It didn’t work. Now, I haven’t looked into it but I do wonder if it was due to the amber being different coloured? There are a variety of tones of amber and perhaps some are more effective than others? I did purchase it from a reputable company who sell genuine amber products, so I knew this wasn’t the issue but something was because as soon as I switched William to Jake’s old anklet once he was big enough, lo and behold, it brought results!

baby's ankle with amber anket

We have used fewer teething products for his discomfort, he has also slept better and his dribbling has disappeared. He now wears this anklet 24/7 just as Jake did.

Do I Recommend Amber Jewellery?

I would have to say yes, I do. I think during the teething process (which can be dire!) you have to try everything you can in order to help your baby and after having such great results with 2 children, I am confident it will help for others of you.

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