What You Need to Consider Before Becoming a Surrogate

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Fulfilling another couple’s dream can be a rewarding and joyful experience. If becoming a surrogate is meaningful to you, it is something to celebrate.

Only a few special individuals feel compelled to become a surrogate. Still, you have many factors to consider before submitting your application to a surrogacy agency.

Here are some of the top considerations to keep in mind.

1. Do You Meet the Surrogacy Program Requirements?

Requirements may differ among agencies, but you must fulfill them to be accepted into their surrogate program. In general, the specifications will include age, lifestyle, BMI and reproductive history.

Another important qualification to be eligible for surrogacy is you must have had at least one healthy pregnancy and delivery prior. This factor is crucial for acceptance because a previously safe and healthy pregnancy means you’re more likely to have a successful surrogate pregnancy.

This information provides the intended parents with the assurance you can carry their baby to full term. However, it also ensures you will be safe and healthy throughout the journey.

2. Are You Financially Stable?

Surrogacy laws can vary from state to state in the U.S. Surrogacy is frowned upon in some areas, which means it could be legal, but you may not be allowed compensation. You must speak with a lawyer first and determine if surrogacy will have a negative financial impact.

In other states where surrogacy is favorable, you’ll need to establish a contract and agree upon “reasonable expenses.”

Surrogacy may come with fair compensation, but you’ll still be expected to maintain financial stability. In other words, you should ensure the payment received won’t jeopardize your other sources of income, like financial aid.

3. Are You Physically and Emotionally Ready for This Commitment?

Surrogacy impacts your physical, emotional and mental well-being. You’ll have a commitment to carry daily, and much is involved throughout the entire process.

For instance, you’ll have to coordinate doctor’s visits, screening appointments, labor, delivery and postpartum recovery. Each step of the process also involves financial, medical, legal and logistics requirements you’ll need to address.

This can be a lot to take on full time if you currently have a busy schedule. However, a plan can be immensely helpful, mitigating feelings of anxiety in the future.

4. Will Your Family Be Supportive of Your Surrogacy?

Becoming a surrogate mother is a personal decision. However, it’s easier to make one when you have the support of your loved ones.

Emotional support will play a large role in easing your mind. Pregnancy comes with a flood of emotions due to hormonal shifts. One day you might feel like you’re on the verge of tears, while the next, you may feel like you’re glowing.

Plus, you’ll have instances where you’ll need a place to vent and someone to remind you why you chose this commitment.

You must be well-cared for throughout your surrogacy pregnancy. However, you’ll also have to consider how this will affect your family members. Before you submit your application, it’s wise to have open discussions about these matters, and they fully understand the process.

5. Is Your Family Complete?

Making another family’s dream come true is a kind act of generosity. However, are you willing to risk it at the expense of your own family?

Many surrogacy programs ask candidates about their thoughts on their long-term family-building plan. Many surrogates can carry another baby after their job is done, but every pregnancy comes with risks.

Consider talking to your partner about your long-term family-building goals. You should also speak with your doctor about any concerns to ensure surrogacy and future plans are safe.

6. Will You Need a Surrogacy Agency?

You don’t have to use a surrogacy agency, but it will help you and the intended parents. It will guide you from start to finish throughout your journey and ensure the process is stress-free. In turn, you can focus on having a healthy, happy pregnancy.

Surrogacy agencies may offer services in health screening, legal advice, counseling and agreements. For example, if you want to find a surrogate in California specifically an agency could do all the leg work for you.

In general, a surrogacy agency is highly recommended, even if you already know the intended parents. The process can involve lots of moving parts. Therefore, it can be tricky. These agencies will help you with legalities and paperwork to make the process as simple as possible.

7. Are You Comfortable Sharing Detailed Information?

Agencies can be truly helpful during the entire journey. However, it’s quite a process to endure throughout the whole surrogacy.

For example, you’ll undergo an extensive screening process because much is at stake. In turn, you must be ready to share your personal information. Most of it will include your lifestyle, education, medical history, drug and alcohol use, and financial stability.

You must ask yourself if you’re comfortable sharing those details with the surrogacy agency. It’s essential to have all this information on hand for a viable pregnancy if you are.

Deciding if Surrogacy Is Right for You

It’s important to remember the following if you decide surrogacy is right for you:

  • You and the intended parents must get to know each other well before entering into a surrogacy agreement.
  • Upon agreement, everyone gives full consent and understands the process.
  • Consider all the potential outcomes and discuss them with your family.
  • You must feel supported by your family, the intended parents and the surrogacy agency.

Once you’ve determined to continue your journey with surrogacy, your next important step is choosing an agency. Making these decisions will define your overall experience and make it ideal for everyone involved.

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