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Matching garden furniture trends with garden design just got easier with this fantastic guide. Garden furniture is essential for any outdoor space and just by changing this key item, you can add an extra zing to the space. But how?

There are some fantastic garden design trends tipped for this year and with garden furniture to complement the look, your outdoor space is transformed. Choosing the right materials and styles of outdoor or patio furniture is essential and you can do this by matching it to the feel and style of garden design.

Outdoor Space living

Even with our changeable and unpredictable weather, more and more of us are leaving uncertainty of the weather at the back door and heading for the garden. From outdoor kitchens to alfresco living rooms, outdoor living is affecting garden design in so many ways.

And this means getting the right garden furniture that spells outdoor living – and that means leaving your preconceptions of what garden furniture should be behind.

Dining sets still have their place in the garden but the increasingly informal garden rattan furniture options, from sofas to relaxed dining sets means that outdoor living just got a whole lot more stylish and comfortable.

Super symmetrical planting schemes and design

For those that love formality, clean-cut lines and 90° angles, the garden design that is super-symmetrical will be the obvious choice.

With reflections of the minimalist design too, the crisp white walls and pleasing clean lines of planting schemes make for a stunning garden backdrop but don’t assume that this means the only garden furniture option is the formal dining table.

What is fitting well into this scheme is grey rattan garden sofas, low coffee tables as well as more formal dining tables and chairs. Keep colours neutral and materials natural such as rattan or hardwood although you could argue a metal bistro set wouldn’t look out of place.

Eco-friendly gardens

EVERY garden is eco-friendly but some more than others. Over the years, plants have become more cultivated and our garden more manicured. The problem is, some of those common plants – the things we call weeds – are essential for all kinds of garden-friendly insects, from ladybirds to butterflies and bees.

As a result, many of the garden trends in recent times have included at least one part of it that has an uncultivated, meadow-like feel to it. But in the coming year, there is an expectation that more gardeners will turn over their whole plot to this informal planting scheme.

However, like most things, the simpler it looks on the surface, the more complex the planning. For such an informal garden, the furniture needs to mirror this story of eco-promotion with sustainably sourced materials.

Hardwood, especially teak, comes with a reputation of not being sustainable because it comes from slow-growing trees in far-flung tropical climes. But choose pieces from a company that has ethical and sustainable values at its core and you will find your purchase is helping to protect rainforests.

For the informally planted border, sit a garden bench right in the midst of the flowers and enjoy the full sensory experience. Listen to the bees as they buzz from flower to flower and the rustle of the grasses as the breeze gently fondles them, and of course, immerse yourself in the delicate scent of native British flowers.

Woodland wonder

This is a garden design trend that is only just beginning to appear on the scene but it is a planting scheme that could potentially work for the small garden and in a shady corner of a larger garden. A low-level woodland wonder will take some groundwork, as well as investment in trees and woody shrubs.

But it can work. With a mix of both evergreen and hardy shrubs with deciduous ones, the green woodland wonder is simply perfect for lounging in. Enjoy everything it has to offer from the comfort of a garden bench or why not ring the changes with a modern splash of detail with a small rattan sofa or two armchairs framed by a small, occasional table?

There is no denying that adding updated garden furniture and making other changes to your outdoor space can transform the look of the garden.

But it is more than that – it allows you to use your garden so much better too. From a larger garden dining table and chairs to a smaller bistro set hidden away in a woodland area of your garden, to fantastic uber-modern rattan sofa, the right garden furniture complements any space. And don’t forget to protect your chosen furniture with the right size and type of patio covers to ensure that they will last you for years to come.

What will you invest in for your outdoor space?

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