3 Island Getaways Perfect For Your Next Summer Holiday

Corsica coast
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Picking a holiday destination that suits everyone in your family is extremely difficult. It is likely that you only get one holiday a year, so you don’t want to waste it by going somewhere that isn’t suitable for everyone. That is why island getaways are perfect for families.

The world has several island retreats for you to visit, and these hidden gems are usually ignored by tourists. What’s more, there is plenty for everyone on the beach. So where should you go? Here are just some of the best island getaways you should visit next summer.


Corsica is an island in the Mediterranean Sea off the south coast of France. As such, the island features a cuisine comprised of a mix of both French and Italian food. However, most holidaymakers come here to experience the beautiful beaches.

The island of Corsica has over ten different beaches to visit, so you are bound to find a place that every family member enjoys. Also, anyone on their holidays can experience some luxury villas in this part of the world. It may not be the first place you think of when booking a holiday, but Corsica is worth a trip.


If you want a place that is guaranteed to supply you with sunny weather, then perhaps a trip to Tahiti is more your speed. Tahiti is an island located below the equator, and it is considered a part of Hawaii. As such, you can expect a friendly welcome from the local community.

However, most families head to this part of the world to take part in some rare water activities. Holiday goers can experience diving, snorkelling, and surfing in some of the clearest parts of the Pacific Ocean. The island is considered a big part of ecotourism and has a wide variety of ecosystems to explore from waterfalls to jungles. Therefore, you can satisfy both nature lovers and sports fanatics in one trip.


Fiji is another island in the southern hemisphere, only this landmass is closer to New Zealand than Hawaii. As such, families can always head to the mainland for a brief trip to see where the Lord of the Rings was filmed. There is a lot more to New Zealand than these films, though, but kids will enjoy the experience, nonetheless.

If you want to stay on the island proper, you may want to visit one of the largest reefs in the world, the Great Astrolabe Reef. Fiji is a hotspot for divers, and there are plenty of unique species of fish to discover off the shores. This part of the world is also extremely friendly to tourists, so you are likely to find some evening entertainment that is suitable for the whole family.


A family holiday is meant to be enjoyed by everyone, so keep one of these island getaways in mind next time you book a trip abroad. Some of these places require you to travel far, but you can sit back and relax once you have reached your destination.

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