4 Historical Sites to Visit in El Paso

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El Paso is a city that’s only existed by name for the last couple hundred years but has been inhabited for far longer.  This city is a large part of American history and a large player in international history, but most people don’t realize it.

If you’re lucky enough to be vacationing in the city or are looking at El Paso houses for sale, here are the top historically educational ways to get to know this incredible city.

Chamizal National Memorial and Park grounds

Although many American histories are made of settling land already lived on, and this occupation can be a rough topic for some- that doesn’t mean it should be ignored.  The Chamizal National Memorial is there to honor a mostly peaceful settlement of border control over six hundred acres of land.  American ended up getting the land and erected this memorial thanks to minimal bloodshed over this disagreement.  This park can be peaceful to walk through and is marked with clear reminders of this nations’ past and what led us to where we are today.

Magoffin Home State Historic Site

Known as one of the original settlers of El Paso, Mexican-born Magoffin was a civil war retiree who wanted to put a lot of work into this land.  Although his history can be drought, and many of the details are lost, his reach and impact on the area are undeniable.  This historic site is a beautiful building with gorgeous architecture and a wealth of information on the area’s past.  Although the site is over 150 years old, it still feels pristine and well cared for.

El Paso Holocaust Museum and Study Center

El Paso may not be the first place you’d think of when considering the location of a holocaust museum, but this museum must be where it stands.  Founded by Holocaust survivor Henry Kellen in 1994, this museum aims to inform people on what led to the atrocities and human loss of the Nazi Holocaust and show the impact of life loss.  Although this is a heavy topic to go over, it’s honest and shows a side of history that we shouldn’t ignore or forget.  This museum is a must-stop location that will stay on your mind for the weeks to months after you leave.

El Paso Museum of History

Located in downtown El Paso, this museum proudly goes over the last four hundred years of the city’s history.  Walking visitors through the roughest parts of history, to the most inventive and inspiring pieces that make the city what it is, everyone who visits leaves knowing several things they didn’t know.  This is a great stop for any families traveling through who want to get to know the city better than the classic Marty Robbins song tries to depict it.

El Paso is a multifaceted city with a long and difficult past that seems to be growing and changing every single day.  Those who live here say that every single one of these exhibits is a must-see, so if you have the time: stay and learn a little.

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