4 Mesmerizing Ways to Remember a Loved One Who Has Passed Away

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When someone we love passes away, we’d do anything to have them in our lives again – even for one day. It’s in these moments that we turn to our memories to find comfort and solace from happier times. But as time goes on, these memories can become distorted and the idea of losing those recollections is both troubling and distressing.

It’s for this reason, that finding other ways to commemorate and remember your loved one is incredibly comforting and helpful. Not only will this bring you comfort, but other family members may also take reassurance from shared memorials and mementoes. Let’s take a look at 4 mesmerizing ways you can remember a loved one who has passed away.

Memorial Jewellery

Keeping the memories of your loved one close to you will bring you solace and peace. An angel wing necklace is the perfect example of how memorial jewellery can be used to bring comfort to those left behind. Whether you want to keep it proudly on display over your clothing or tucked away and kept close to your heart in private memoriam, you can choose a unique piece of jewellery that has special meaning and is symbolic of your beliefs and connection to your loved one. Memorial jewellery can be worn by multiple family members or friends in unison, as a way to connect with the lost loved one and strengthen the bonds of those who are remembering them.

Plant a Tree in Their Memory

Planting a tree in memoriam of a loved one is a heartfelt gesture that will, not only bring you comfort, but also joy for generations to come. You can choose where you want to plant the tree, perhaps in a special, tended area filled with dedicated plants and trees, or in your own backyard. This gesture provides somewhere for family and friends to grieve, remember and reminisce about the person they have lost. It’s also good for the planet – the perfect memorial for anyone who was conscious of the environment.

Choose a Day of Remembrance

Selecting a day for everyone to gather and remember a deceased relative or friend is a great way to support one another and reminisce about the good times. It doesn’t have to be a bleak event, it could be a celebration of their life, where guests eat, drink, and share happy moments. Mark it on your calendars – why not make it an annual tradition?

Make a Memory Box

Sometimes, being able to touch and hold items and memories that meant a lot to you and the deceased can bring joy and comfort. Collecting these pieces in a memory box means it’s there for you to peruse whenever you feel ready. You could fill it with photos, a pair of their glasses, the necklace they always wore, or a bottle of their perfume. Fill the box with whatever reminds you of them the most.

Final Thoughts…

Reminiscing and having access to happy memories can help you navigate your grief and come to terms with your loss. Consider one (or several) of the ideas above to get started.

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