5 Modern Ways To Update Your Bathroom

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The bathroom, it can be a tricky room to update, can’t it? Most modern homes have small bathrooms as they usually also come with an en-suite which means there can be very little to play with when it comes to thinking about renovating it. So, what can you do to make a statement, to add a bit of luxury to your home and to make it a little more functional? Here are my 5 modern ways to update your bathroom… 

Let In The Light

Bathrooms can often be quite dingy rooms due to the fact that they are built with privacy in mind. The windows are usually smaller (if you have any at all) and are also either tinted or frosted which give a nice effect whilst protecting your modesty from the neighbours but at the same time, it removes a lot of natural light. I don’t know about you, but a room that fills with sunlight feels so much more relaxing and inviting and as the bathroom is one of the places where we tend to seek retreat, it doesn’t seem fitting that it doesn’t flood with light. A great way of achieving both natural light and maintaining some privacy is by installing a skylight with the most desirable spot being directly above the bath. This will allow you to enjoy your ‘you time’ in a more airy environment, it will add atmosphere (stars at night, sunshine in the day) and it will also mean that you can stay away from that glow you get from artificial lights.

bathroom with a skylight above the bath

Create Ambience

You have your natural light now you need the atmospheric sounds to complement that. Waterproof music systems are now readily available which means you can add a radio/sound system to your shower, in the walls of the bathroom and even have a speaker system too for surround sound. Imagine being able to chill out to the sound of whales/rainforests or get ready for your big night out with your favourite party tunes playing.

Steam It Up

Have you ever wanted a steam room but always thought you didn’t have the room? Think again! You can now have a shower that can provide steam as well as different water pressures all in one! Steam showers are one of the most modern ways of updating your bathroom and will provide you with that everyday luxury you desire. I’ve been taking a look at what Insignia have to offer from their range and I am sitting here planning how to get my hubby on board with the idea! With a high-pressure shower, cushioned tray, LED lights, a rain shower, touch control panel, Insignia showers aromatherapy modular injection system (basically you can add aromatherapy oils to it!), anti-rot materials and a leakproof cubicle, it is the steam shower of dreams.

LED lights and shower head in the steam shower

If you have further requirements due to disabilities, you can install modern bathrooms that are equipped with various functions, such as aromatherapy, massage features or whirlpools for an added spa-like experience. Read this review from WalkInTubReport experts, where you can find a suitable option for you.

Clever Lights

Don’t you hate it when you need the toilet in the middle of the night but the light switch/cord going on may make a sound and wake someone or the light may be so bright that your eyes can’t take it. This is where automatic LED lights come in. My sister in law has these and they are absolutely amazing, especially when you don’t want to wake children. The LED lights are embedded around the bottom of the walls/skirting and have a motion sensor so when you step in the door, bing! On they come. They provide just the right amount of light for that midnight visit and won’t disturb a single person in the house.

Double Vanity

With one bathroom in a house, arguments can quickly break out especially if everybody is trying to get ready at the same time for work or school. This is why having 2 vanity units in this room can be a lifesaver. If your bathroom has the room to accommodate these I would highly recommend it. Not only will you have the chance to deal with the children at separate sinks, you will also have extra storage space and will be able to keep everybody’s morning essentials to hand.

Simple yet such effective steps you can take to update your bathroom with a modern twist.

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