5 Outdoor Learning Activities for Children

kids playing outdoors
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As parents, it is important to keep children in a learning environment throughout their developmental stages. This doesn’t mean keeping them in a classroom day and night but finding new and exciting ways to include learning in daily activities. Sometimes, changing it up means changing the location entirely and what better place than the great outdoors? Nature provides to be one of the best classrooms around and is one of the best methods of learning. If you are on the search for outdoor learning activities for your child then look no further. Advised by a girl’s school in Gerrards Cross, here are 5 to get you started.

  1. Use chalk. This is a childhood staple and one that is more useful than just for play. Use chalk for spellings and completing times tables in a fun way. If you would like a bigger project to complete with the children, think about drawing out world maps and marking down significant spots such as rivers, cities and landmarks. 
  2. Take reading outdoors. Reading is a hobby that can be completed alone and anywhere so why not change it up by moving it from indoors to outdoors? Reading helps children with their imaginations so being around nature will help them enhance their experience through a multi-sensory environment.
  3. Sketch and paint. This is already one of the most appealing activities to children. Grab some canvases and an array of paints and ask your child to create a painting based on what they see and feel whilst sitting outdoors. Using inspiration from nature, your child will focus on smaller details that they never noticed before for their creation. 
  4. Plant a little garden. Show your child how to plant seeds to grow their plants. Use this time to incorporate the science behind it and the lifecycle of plants.
  5. Go on an adventure of finding mini beasts. Give your child a list of animals to tick off and let them use their curiosity to discover what lives in the outdoors. You’ll be surprised at how interesting they’ll find this activity. 

Outdoor learning is as easy as that. It takes a little bit of brain power just to incorporate everyday activities into something your child can benefit from in more than one way. The outdoors is a whole new world of its own, explore it with your child to discover the wonders it holds.

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