5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Getting an Electric Car

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Driving is an important part of my life. It allows me to get freely around my town, it means I can take my children to activities and clubs without any hassle and it also means that we can travel all over in order to enjoy family time together as well as getting to experience so much more. But with the current talk of climate change it is certainly an area I have been feeling more guilty about. Giving up driving isn’t something I could ever do and I am sure a lot of people would agree with this. For most, it is their way to work, their lifeline and yes, a luxury, however, there isn’t a reason to quit when there are now newer options available to you, options like an electric car. These have become more and more popular in the last couple of years and now almost every car make has an electric car model on their forecourt. This is great news and it is such a big step in the right direction but why should you consider getting an electric car? Here I look at what this type of car can offer you…

Lower Carbon Emissions

Why should you consider getting an electric car? Well, it’s an obvious main one, isn’t it? It is the greenest car you can buy. A car that can run on electricity is going to produce lower carbon emissions than those that run solely on petrol or diesel. I say lower because electric cars are not completely carbon-free due to the fact that some still require fuel as a backup (Hybrids) and because we do still create a carbon footprint when using electricity. However, those that are 100% electric are not pumping gases out into our atmosphere and this is the biggest pro of using one.

Lower Costs

With fuel bills going up and down over the years, we’ve all become quite frustrated with the costs not being very consistent and at their highest, we were all definitely feeling the pinch. With an electric car, you’ll never have to worry about this again. You simply plug your car in at home with a home EV charger or at a powerpoint in a car park and you can re-charge your car for far less money.

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No Noise Pollution

Yep, these lovely eco-friendly cars are also really, really quiet. No more noisy neighbours revving up their engines, no more noisy cars at the traffic lights and no problem if you have to leave the engine running to get your car warm in the morning.

Fewer Problems

As electric cars have fewer parts inside their engines, they actually come with far fewer issues. I don’t know about you but my cars have gone wrong a lot over the years and there is always something a little complicated, something that’s linked to another part and that comes with big pound signs! I would love a car that is simple to look after and if you do need any spare parts at any point for your car you can always check out euSPARES.co.uk who have a wide range available.


And lastly, if you are fussy about what car make you like, what colour or style, you don’t need to worry because with more and more electric cars coming to market you have a much better choice these days and this is only going to grow even Mercedes-Benz have a range so you can feel confident that you will not only be helping the planet but you will also have a car that fits your taste too.

mercedes-benz electric car

Do you have an electric car? How have you found it so far? Are there any other positive reasons you can add for somebody who may want to consider getting an electric car?

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