5 Reasons You Should Invest In A Potting Shed

seedlings in a potting shed

The majority of the gardens in the UK will be home to a shed to store the garden tools, chairs, kid’s toys and other bits and bobs that are handy in your outdoor space but have you ever considered how beneficial a potting shed would be to you? If you are a keen gardener or you would like to try your hand at growing your own let’s take a look at why you should invest in a potting shed.

A Dedicated Space

It will give you a garden room that is dedicated to this hobby. It will provide you with the space to learn, to sow and grow seeds, to tend to your plants, store your tools and leave it all as you need it for the next time.

The Perfect Environment

A potting shed is so much more than just a shed. Having insulated walls and roof, draft-proof windows and lots of natural light makes it the perfect environment for growing. It is like the mix between a shed and greenhouse but with enough space for you to plan, to move around and to lay all of your seedlings out in order to help them to have the best start.

Your Own Gardeners’ World

A room like this can also be adapted to provide you with the perfect environment. You will have this fantastic space that you can create into your own little gardeners’ world. You could add shelves for your books, a kitchenette to make tea and coffee as you work, hooks for your tools, pictures on the walls to give a homely feel and you may even have enough space for a comfortable chair.

All Year Round

When you have a keen hobby like growing your own vegetables, you want to be able to tend to your seedlings and plants all year round. A modern garden room will be fully insulated, have double-glazed windows and even electricity and heating which will allow you to keep lovely and toasty in the winter without having to worry about feeling any cold. In the summer, you will be able to throw the doors and windows open to cool down and to enjoy the view of your garden as you work.


A well-designed and professionally built potting shed will last you for years to come for many reasons but one very important one is that it will be weatherproofed. With roofing panels made to specifications that meet both energy-efficient and aesthetic requirements as well as providing insulation, you can feel confident that your building will be leak-free. The outside walls will be painted in a weatherproof paint or varnish and the double-glazed windows will provide you with the light you require whilst protecting the inside from the elements.

As you can see, a potting shed is beneficial both to you and your garden and will allow your hobby (and your plants) to grow so this may well be the ideal next build for you.

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