6 Sandwiches to Make for Your Family

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Whether you’re looking for a hearty dinner option, something new to pack for lunch or trying to satisfy picky eaters, sandwiches are a versatile meal you can whip up for your family.

Traditional peanut butter and jelly and grilled cheese sandwiches are somewhat dull and overdone. Thankfully, it’s easy to get creative with ingredients, and you may even encourage your family to try new flavor combinations. Here are six sandwiches you might want to make for your family this week.

1.   Falafel Gyro

Mediterranean food is bursting with flavor and nutrition and includes several options for those with vegetarian and gluten-free diet restrictions.

To switch up your sandwich game, try making your family falafel gyros. Falafel comes from Middle Eastern cuisine and is made of chickpeas and spices. While it’s traditionally deep-fried, you can also bake it. Falafel contains 13.3 grams of protein and is high in fiber.

Incorporating savory seasonings like cumin, coriander, tahini, parsley, paprika and cloves, your kids will love helping you roll the falafel into balls. 

There are several ingredients for assembling a gyro, including warmed naan or pita bread, feta, diced tomatoes and cucumbers, onion, hummus and tzatziki sauce.

2.   Grilled Tomato and Cheese on Baguette

A plain grilled cheese sandwich goes excellent alongside a piping hot bowl of tomato soup. However, it’s been done a million times before. If your family is a fan of grilled cheese, you could serve up a fancier version on a baguette with fresh cherry tomatoes, thinly-sliced chèvre and thyme.

For this recipe, you’ll want to cut a loaf of rustic baguette in half and brush the bottom half with olive oil on a baking tray. Layer it with chèvre and cherry tomatoes and more olive oil, thyme, garlic and pepper.

Simply bake the loaded bottom half in the oven for 20 minutes at 430° Fahrenheit or until the cheese melts. Feel free to toast the other half of the baguette for the last few minutes. Your family will flip over this upgraded grilled cheese sandwich.

3.   Lobster and Avocado BLT

Bacon, lettuce and tomato has been a long-favored combination for sandwich enthusiasts. With a side of salty potato chips, is there anything better? Yes, there is.

How about adding sweet and juicy lobster meat with sliced avocado to your BLT sandwich—also known as a lobster BLTA? These hearty ingredients take the traditional BLT up a notch and deliver fresh-tasting ingredients everyone will love. Don’t forget to combine mayo and chives in a bowl to slather on the toasted bread.

Between the sizzling bacon and buttery lobster, the smells will lure your hungry family to the dinner table in no time. Lobster BLTAs are easy to assemble and will satisfy your family’s taste buds.

4.   Egg Sandwich

Eggs are jam-packed with healthy nutrients and protein. Although eggs are delicious during any meal, they’re a favorite breakfast food for many, providing enough energy to start the day off right.

Why not try making your family veggie and egg Caprese breakfast sandwiches on cauliflower fritters for a lower-carb and gluten-free option? You’ll need cauliflower, beaten eggs, shredded cheese, almond flour and olive oil for the patties.

Boil your cauliflower for 10 minutes until soft, then mash it with the additional ingredients and mold them into patties. Cook the patties in a skillet until they’re golden brown—about eight minutes on each side—and remove them from the pan to cool.

Assemble your sandwich with avocado, mozzarella cheese, tomato slices, spinach and a scrambled or fried egg. You can also include a piece of prosciutto if you want.

5.   Chicken Caesar Salad Sandwich

If you live with picky eaters who prefer to skip their vegetables, here’s a sandwich that you can sneak some leafy greens into. A chicken caesar salad sandwich is simple to make, and you could even use leftover grilled chicken from the night before.

Typically, caesar salad dressing is mixed with eggs or mayonnaise. However, this dressing recipe calls for Greek yogurt, anchovies, garlic, parmesan cheese, lemon juice and zest, Worcestershire sauce, olive oil and salt and pepper.

When assembling your sandwich, you may opt for rustic grain bread and top with grilled chicken slices, lettuce, avocado and your homemade caesar salad dressing.

6.   Sweet Ham and Cheese Sliders

Sliders are fun, easy to prepare, and a satisfying sandwich your family will enjoy for lunch or dinner. Add a bit of sweetness to your sliders with Hawaiian sweet rolls, ham slices, Swiss cheese and a delicious poppy seed dressing.

Keep the rolls connected and slice them in half, placing the bottoms in a 9-inch by 9-inch pan lined with aluminum foil and sprayed with cooking oil. Evenly layer ham and cheese over them and cover with the top of the rolls.

Whisk melted butter, Dijon mustard, poppy seeds, dried minced onion, Worcestershire sauce, salt and pepper to make your drizzle. Pour the mixture over your sandwiches before baking in the oven at 350° F for 20 minutes.

Hawaiian ham and cheese sliders will become a family favorite and are great for parties and get-togethers.

Delicious Sandwiches Your Family Will Love

Parents love how easy sandwiches are to make for a hungry family. With so many varieties and ingredients to choose from, you’ll never get tired of trying something new. Upgrade your family meals this week with one of these six sandwich recipes.

*This is a collaborative post. For further information please refer to my disclosure page.

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