6 Tips for Organising an Unforgettable Road Trip

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A road trip by car is in itself a memorable travel experience. Most of the time, it is not so much the destination that matters, but the organisation of the trip itself (possibly months before), the moments one lives while crossing a place bit by bit, and the images that one sees throughout the journey until the car engine is switched off.

Even if you consider yourself an experienced driver at the wheel, a road trip is an entirely different story. When it does not involve many days on the road, the trip’s organisation should be even more meticulous. Of course, unexpected events always happen, especially when travelling to other countries. But even these are part of the experience, and one must be prepared to meet them on the way. See below our best tips for organising a road trip and the most common mistakes that you should avoid.

1. First stop at the service engineer

A first stop at the service engineer shop is the number one rule before any car trip. Go to your mechanic to check your car: fluids, brakes, tires. Do not skip the service, and make sure to organize the dates of your trip so that you can start after you have received the permission of the engineer. Of course, in case you rent a car from a rental company, you do not need to go through this process because the vehicle you will use will already be checked by specialist engineers and ready for use. So trusting to rent a car to a reputable company like Enjoy Travel, you will ensure a verified and reliable vehicle that will move you safely and comfortably to any destination you choose.

Tip: Take a look at the reserve tank as well. Refill the first aid kit and put a bottle of liquid for car wipers and car oils in the trunk just in case. Of course, do not forget to take snow chains with you if you travel in winter and to areas prone to snowfall.

2. Keep your car clean

Discard old toll receipts that you have stacked in the doorcase. Empty the front passenger compartment of your car and adjust the boot. Finally, finally, wash your car inside out. After all, you will have all the time in front of you to… refill it with receipts, garbage bags, maps and the like. Also, make sure to clean your car seats and cover them with fitted seat covers. We also do not need to remind you that with the pandemic’s whole situation, all areas of your car must be ventilated and cleaned regularly.

3. Take it easy and don’t rush it

Please do not overdo it with your overall time. Make a travel plan, but do not force it. Delays (should) be in the program, especially when driving long distances. Every now and then, you will come across road works, detours, traffic or closed bridges.

Tip: Book, if possible, in hotel rooms with cancellation free of charge or with payment upon arrival. This way, you can save some money in case your accommodation plan changes due to delays along the way. If you’re on the lookout for a hotel to stay in, make sure to explore hote.ls to find the perfect accommodation for your needs.

4. Anticipate potential obstacles

Do a little research on the areas you will cross, especially if you plan to visit towns or villages. Do they have a national holiday? Do you plan to get there daily at peak times? If so, adjust your schedule accordingly to avoid wasting hours on first gear.

5. Road trip without music is not a road trip

Make lists of your favourite music, which will accompany you all the time you have your foot stuck on the accelerator. If you have the time, plan your music listening according to the places you will visit, so as to make your experience even more special and exclusive. Alternatively, you can always turn it on local FM and listen to what the local stations are playing for an even more genuine experience.

Tip: Do not forget the car charger for your mobile phone to ensure you will not run out of music or battery! If you are travelling in a rental car, get a suitable charger for this kind of model.

6. Share responsibilities

Some people really like driving. Others do better as co-drivers by reading maps and paying attention to the signs to not miss the right exit. Some people have it more by organizing a trip (in which hotels will the overnight stay take place, where will you go for food, at what kilometre is there a gas station etc.). Divide the responsibilities inside and outside the car, depending on the people you will travel with and each one’s strengths and abilities!

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