7 Amazing Features That Are Provided Only in Electric Bikes

electric bike
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A relatively newer and one of the best innovations in the vehicle industry is electric bikes. Undoubtedly, biking or cycling is a great recreational activity as well as an efficient source of travelling. Cycling is beneficial for your physical strength, while also allowing you to feel mentally relaxed. That being said about usual cycling, electric bikes are much more than that.

Features of electric bikes are not only expanded in numbers, but also in quality. An e-bike doubles up the benefits that you get from a usual bike and adds in a lot of fun, enjoyment, and capability to be as adventurous as you want to be.

Not convinced? Don’t worry. Below are 7 benefits that you only get in an electric bike. So, be ready to say goodbye to your old, ordinary bike, because the list below is definitely going to change your mind.

1.   Electric Motor

All e-bikes are powered by an electric motor that is operated by a battery. The motor acts as your pedalling assistance, allowing you to ride for longer.

Non-electric bikes require you to pedal all by yourself, and if you stop, the speed will consequently decrease.

However, in electric bikes, when you start pedalling, the motor activates and increase the pedalling speed. That way, you are only making a minimum effort into pedalling and the motor is doing the rest of the work. It allows you to ride for longer without sweating or losing your breath. You can go to farther places and climb the mountains on your bike without worrying about your stamina.

2.   Throttle

While all the electric bikes offer assistance in pedalling, few of them offer throttle that keeps the bike going even without pedalling. In throttle-provided bikes, you pedal for a specific time with an assisted motor. And when you want to stop, you can. Because the throttle will keep you going on.

It assists you in passing the terrain or climbing down from the hilly area. You can have an opportunity to go to different places if you have this feature enabled in your e-bike.

3.   Longer Durations

As stated above, e-bikes have an electric motor. This motor helps you cover greater distances without worrying about losing your energy. That is because you are providing a very minimum amount of energy into pedalling, the motor is doing all the work.

Moreover, the battery that keeps the motor going can easily live for 2 to 3 years, after which it can be easily replaced.

The point is, you cannot travel to longer distances on your usual bike, you are bound to get tired at some point. However, in an e-bike with throttle power, you can take the thought of “stopping” out from your mind.

electric bike

4.   Foldability

One of the best features of electric bikes is foldability. Most of the e-bikes can be folded in half and take half as much space in storage. A folding electric bike allows the rider to take it with them on camping trips, bus journeys, and on different adventures—so when you stop, you can just take the bike out and ride here and there.

Moreover, foldability consequently provides more security. When you go to work on the bike, you can fold it in half and take it with you inside the building without attracting too many glances. If you live in a small apartment, you don’t have to lock the bike with a pole. Instead, just take it inside the building with you and store it underneath your bed.

In other words, foldability is a great feature, and it allows you to be completely safe and advantageous with your bike.

5.   Off-Roading

One of the great things about an e-bike is that you get to choose from a large variety of features and get the best-customized version for yourself. One of such versions of e-bikes is an off-road bike or mountain bike or fat-tyre bike. Off-road electric bikes are powered with the same electronic panel and motor, the only difference is that it has a fat body with fat tyres.

These fat tyres make the grip of the bike strong on almost all surfaces. You can ride the bike on mud, sand, slippery streets, rocky surface, bumpy roads and anywhere you want. The fat body keeps the weight of the bike heavy enough to keep it sturdy on the surface, and the fat, textured tires keep the rigid grip.

An electric bike with off-road tyres can really ease up ways for you to travel—steady grip on every road for longer durations—allowing you to be the best rider in every weather and every path.

6.   Hydraulics and Brakes

Since electric bikes have more power and speed, they need a stronger brake system and suspension. A quality electric bike comes with an instant braking power that instantly turns off the motor when you hit the brake. It allows the motor to stop making effort to speeding and lands the bike to smooth stoppage without any difficulty. Such efficiency of brakes is not provided in usual bikes.

Electric bikes usually have two kinds of braking system: hydraulics and manual. A hydraulic mechanism shifts the power of speed into the power of brakes, so the bike slows down without any roughness.

7.   Electronics Panel

Electric bikes with excellent quality are usually powered by an electronic instructions panel. This panel is integrated with the motor and acts as a control for your bike. The panel displays different information regarding your bike, while also shows a number of options (depending on the bike model) that can be used to set the bike on preferred mode.

Usually, the panel shows speed, distance, and the level of motor assistance for pedalling. The battery percentage is also visible in some panels, along with the information about the distance that the current battery level can cover.

In other words, all this information makes your adventure more fun, enjoyable, and risk-free. If your bike has a problem with the motor and battery, you can know beforehand, and it can protect you from sudden mishaps.

Final Word

It goes without saying: different models have different features. You should choose the one that fits your style. Good luck.

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