7 Must-See Natural Wonders of Bali Near to Seminyak

rice terraces natural wonders of Bali

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Seeing the world and all that it has to offer has always been an ambition of mine. We have been lucky enough to have already had wonderful holidays visiting the likes of Tunisia, Crete, Turkey, Rhodes, Zante, Gran Canaria and most recently, Florida but I am eager to travel further afield, to experience countries that look and feel like paradise, to immerse myself in their cultures and to take in all of the different natural wonders they have to offer. Bali is one of those countries on my (long) list. With its beautiful beaches, stunning waterfalls, breathtaking views, mountains and so much more, I would love to visit the Island with my family one day. Ok, yes, some of these natural wonders may be a little tricky with little people, but one thing I have learnt about going away with them is that they adore seeing new things, that they absorb so much information when they are right there and as long as you have a stunning villa, good beds, a pool to relax in after a long day of walking and plenty of good food, they are very, very happy. I used to be very dubious about taking young children abroad, but once you have seen the world through their little eyes, you soon realise that travel is enriching, even at younger ages; and when a country has stunning natural wonders, it’s even better!

Bali has so many natural stunning areas and I have been doing a lot of research including working out the best places to stay. The area of Seminyak is located in the south of Bali and is only around 45 minutes from the airport which is ideal as the flight is 18 hours and most of us will want to get to the final destination as quickly as possible after all that travelling! Not only does this area have plenty of restaurants, shops and beautiful beaches it is also a good location from which to go out on road trips and excursions. When travelling with a family I think it is important to have a safe area in which to stay, a reliable holiday home to return to each night and friendly staff who can cater to all of your needs. The accommodation needs as much careful consideration as your sightseeing planning does. Whenever we choose a holiday destination we do extensive research prior to booking and I have based my chosen natural wonders of Bali within close proximity or comfortable driving distance of the area of Seminyak. 


My 7 Must-See Natural Wonders of Bali Near to Seminyak


Tegenungan Waterfall

Tengenungan waterfall is around an hour from Seminyak. Getting to the falls is a pleasant drive and takes you down paved village roads lined with stretches of green rice fields on both sides. It is picturesque and fascinating. Once there, the falls are only a few minutes walk from the shops and completely doable with children in tow. At the falls you will be surrounded by thick green foliage, beautiful wildlife and a large pool in which the waterfall descends. You can take a dip in these waters to cool off but it is not advisable during wet periods due to flash flooding. On your return, there are plenty of places to choose to eat in. A perfect natural wonder of Bali for a family of all ages. 



Rice Terraces

Bali is famed for its rice terraces and there are plenty to choose from. Tegalanlang rice terraces are around an hour from Seminyak and there are driven excursions available from this holiday destination. Tours will provide you with an experienced driver who is fully informed on the areas and the farming methods used and can educate you on the journey there. 

Rice terraces are perfect for nature lovers as the majority will be surrounded by stunning natural scenery, tropical forests, pristine waterfalls and sometimes temples (you will want to research which offer all of these. Pupuan rice terraces is another that came up on my radar). One top tip that I came across was to visit early in the morning or later afternoon once the sun begins to go down. The midday heat can be unbearable out in the open rice fields.


rice terraces



Seminyak Beach

Not every day can be spent trekking and hiking and when you are travelling with children you definitely need some beach time. Seminyak Beach is a world apart from its neighbouring beach resort areas. With its golden sands, waves perfect for surfing and unmissable sunsets it is the ideal place to spend quality time with the whole family. The coast is made up of three adjoining beaches: Pantai Arjuna (Blue Ocean Beach), Petitenget Beach, and further up north to the quieter Batubelig Beach. So, you could easily spend a few days checking out each of these beaches and enjoying more chilled time. You’ll soon be recharged and ready to explore more of what Bali has to offer, you’ll need it for the next natural wonder…



Mount Batur

Mount Batur is probably one of the most famous natural wonders in Bali. An active volcano which attracts tourists all year round, this is most definitely a must-see. Now, this will have to be a day trip or two as it is a 2-hour drive and then a 2 /12 hour trek once you are there but it will be worth it. This natural wonder is not for the faint-hearted not least because of the trek but also because it has active “mild-to-moderate explosive activity” and lava flows. The best-reported route up the hill is from the village of Toya Bungkah because from there much of the climb is through shady forest. Organised treks often take place which may be best to go for if travelling with a family.

Of course, to truly experience a magical time on this mount, you should try to climb it in time for sunrise or sunset. Beautiful!


mount batur



Suluban Cave

Suluban is well-known for its surfing but not quite as well talked about is the Suluban Cave. It is a 40-minute drive from Seminyak. Once there the cave is accessed via a flight of stone steps and concealed by limestone formations, this hidden haven is perfect for anybody wanting to get away from the touristy areas. It isn’t a great spot for sunbathing, but the blue waters can be swum in and it is ideal for the avid photographer. 



Melasti Beach

If you wanted to get out of Seminyak and explore more of the beaches of Bali, Melasti is the one to head to. It is one of the most captivating beaches of the southern coast and one that is still not overcrowded (thank goodness!). With its stunning white sand, crystal clear waters and rocky coastline, it is a little piece of paradise which is just 34 minutes from Seminyak. If it rains, you will even be lucky enough to watch the water run from the rocky cliffs down to the sea in the form of a waterfall.


melasti beach



The Water Blow at Nusa Dua

Just a 22-minute drive from Seminyak, the water blow at Nusa Dua comes up time and time again when researching natural wonders of Bali. This natural phenomenon occurs when waves crash into a small gap within the rock cliff in this area, causing pressure to build and blowing up the water. It is great fun for children to watch which is why I have included it on my list. There is a wooden observation deck with benches where you can take a seat and wait for each wave which makes it safer but you will need to keep a close eye on how high the water is going and for slippery surfaces. Be prepared to get a little wet!


Those are just a small selection of possible choices and I could have honestly probably have given you around 24 natural wonders of Bali because this amazing island has so much to offer. 

Have you ever visited Bali? Can you give me any tips or name more areas that are a must-see? What are your favourite natural wonders of Bali? 

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