7 Reasons Why My Crazy Toddler Is Making Me Grey!!

William my crazy toddler who is making me grey smiling at the camera very cheekily!

When I had Jake I was shocked at how active and busy he was as a toddler. I mean I would go to these baby groups and watch the little girls sit and play quietly with toys, play acting, smiling sweetly at their Mums and then I’d look at Jake… That’s if I could find him! He was usually just gone. I mean he could walk at 10 months so what did I expect, eh? He had watched and learnt and decided that he wanted to walk before he could crawl (true story) and that is exactly what he did. Most of the time I’d find him at the door trying to escape from these playgroups which is why I stopped going to them. He liked the outdoors, he liked to run free and he knew his mind.

I honestly thought he was one of a kind. I called him a crazy toddler so often because I really believed he was and that no other child would ever outdo what I experienced with him… or so I thought!

Then along came William. Premature, teeny, tiny William who didn’t make a sound for weeks. He took his time putting on weight and doing normal baby things like smiling but there was a turning point, like a light switch went on and he said to himself ‘do you know what? I don’t want to be premature anymore’. And just like that, I had another Jake on my hands. Oh, but it didn’t stop there and now I have a more crazy toddler than the first one!!

And this is why this second crazy toddler is making me grey…

1. He Climbs

I mean he climbs anything and everything. I have never seen anything like it. Jake wasn’t a climber, he isn’t one now, he gets scared too easily. William has no fear, which gives me the fear! This child can pull out the chair to the dining table and climb it to get up on the table. He can climb onto the toilet to get up and get a toothbrush down. If he can’t reach, guess what? He just climbs onto the sink itself and gets in it to reach a toothbrush! He tries to climb stairgates, luckily there’s not much to get himself up on and he gives up. He works out what he can move in order to get higher. He moved his carrier the other day because he knew it would give him a lift up onto the window seat. He can get onto benches, seating, back of the sofa, onto tables, onto windowsills, on the top (yes the top) of my piano! He is a law unto himself and I honestly don’t know what to expect next!

And see this toilet? He can now climb onto the cistern

2. He Falls!

And he doesn’t give a shit! Honestly, this child bounces. He has fallen off of things that should make him want to stop but he either just stops looks at it and goes again or he may cry for a moment and then attempt it again. He has had far more bumps and bruises than Jake ever had yet his passion for climbing takes over and he just carries on. Not sure if he is brave or stupid? (Please note that I do stop him, I do get him down and I do put obstacles in his way. But see next point)

william sat on the table trying to pull his sock off

Yes, he has fallen off this table before (sigh)

3. He is Headstrong

As nearly all toddlers are but for William, this means he will just keep going and going and going until he gets precisely what he wants. ‘Climb that table? Yep, I will do it 20 times over if I have to.’  I get him down and he’ll get straight back up. He can also scream, like scream until you think your ears may bleed if he doesn’t get what he wants. I’m sure he’s going to go very far in life but right now he makes me want to lay in a darkened room.

William climbing the chest of drawers

He was screaming because he couldn’t get up here!


4. Breastfeeding

I’ve mentioned on my blog before that William is breastfed and that I love it. But, I wasn’t really planning on feeding him for quite this long and I wasn’t expecting him to be quite so reliant on it still. As above, he is headstrong which means he will scream bloody murder until he gets that milk. I’ve tried cows milk, he won’t have it, I’ve tried expressing, he won’t have it. He knows what he wants and my poor boobs don’t get much of a break. My nipples may never recover!

William on the dishwasher

You didn’t need a picture of my nipples so here’s one of him up to something else!

5. He is Sneaky

He may be noisy at times but when he wants to get up to something he goes eerily quiet. You know the phrase ‘if your toddler is silent, panic?’ Yeah, that’s William down to a T. He works things out and he will sneak off to do it. Even if you call his name you won’t get a peep from him when he is up to something. I have learnt this oh too well in the last few weeks and I am pretty sure I’m burning a lot of calories by running up the stairs to find him!

William peeking from behind the wooden garden gate like the crazy toddler he is!

I couldn’t find him, turns out he was hiding!


6. He Still Puts Anything and Everything in His Mouth

Jake grew out of this stage pretty early on. He put sand in his mouth once and that was enough for him. William on the other hand, nope. He will put sand in his mouth, make a face, go to you to clean him up and later on do the exact same thing. We are still at the point where we are moving anything tiny from the floor, picking up anything that could fit into his mouth and hiding certain toys away. At 17 months I thought I wouldn’t have to worry so much but when he is sat with something clearly in his cheeks, you panic!

William with chocolate all over his face

This time it was only chocolate!



7. He is Speedy

He’s a different speedy to Jake. I mean Jake could basically sprint but William hasn’t mastered a run yet so he has this super fast power walk that he whips out every now and then which means one minute he’s right there and the next he is very quietly gone. Team this up with the sneaky trait and you have a super speedy, silent, fearless toddler who could literally be anywhere. You need eyes in the back of your head with this one. If anyone accused me of helicopter parenting I would have to agree, I have to, I have no other option with this crazy toddler.

William sat in a box

I think it’s me that’s meant to turn to the drink William!

So there we have it, one crazy toddler who is worst than the first one and the reason I am so grey right now… sigh.

Gotta love him though!

Do you have a crazy toddler in your home at the moment?

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  1. Hello this speaks true to me we have a speedy fearless child who is rightright now climbing up me to fall off the bed. He has had bumps and all sorts but doesn’t care

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